Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I said in my last post that the singing of Christmas carols in the public square isn't something I spend a lot of time worrying about. Discrimination against people who don't meet a Christian litmus test -- that's another matter.

You may have read today's L.A. Times story (also linked by Atrios) about Marilou Braswell, the University of Georgia cheerleading coach who seems to have spent way too much time working Christianity into her coaching and was accused of discriminating against a Jewish cheerleader.

Will it surprise you to learn that she's also been accused of anti-gay discrimination?

Late Tuesday night, Georgia released ... more than 100 pages of documents under the Georgia Open Records Act ...

The documents ... contain e-mails from two other cheerleaders to Evans that allege bias based on religion and sexual preference. The names of both complainants are omitted.

According to one, "We supposedly have our best male and female cheerleaders cheer football. Well this past year our best male and female cheerleaders did not make football. The male is (name omitted) and he is homosexual. He and coach have had many problems because of this issue. The female is (name omitted) and she is Jewish. Her and coach have also had many problems."

A Christian blogger named Dana Huff quietly makes the case against Braswell here and here. She links to this TV news story, which (scroll down) quotes two former members of the cheerleading squad -- one a Christian -- who describe Braswell's proselytizing as inappropriate.

Oh, and I guess this isn't Braswell's fault, but here's one of her defenders -- an overt racist and anti-Semite who looks at the accusation against her and says, "a little whining can take a Jew far." (Here's his main page, Jerry's Aryan Battle Page.)

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