Sunday, April 16, 2023


Axios and other political sites are writing about ads attacking Donald Trump from a pro-Ron DeSantis PAC called Never Back Down. The ads are nothing special:

But I'm enjoying some of the anti-DeSantis memes tweeted by Trump fans in response to the latter ad:

This may not be an Al Yankovic-level parody of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video, but it's really nasty:

So yeah, Trump might not be calling DeSantis "Meatball Ron," but his fans certainly are.

And this is in addition to Trumpworld's own "Pudding Fingers" ad:

Florida Politics reported:
As of Friday night, when someone types in “Ron DeSantis” into Google – the first suggestion is “pudding.”

The vibe is starting to remind me of the early days of the Fetterman-Oz race. Like DeSantis, Dr. Oz came off as self-important and humorless, especially about himself, and John Fetterman's team found him ridiculously easy to mock as a result. I think the Fetterman campaign won the race in those early days, by defining Oz as not just a carpetbagger, but a clueless bumbler and stuffed shirt. Trump's media team and fans might manage to do the same thing to DeSantis before he can even start his campaign.

DeSantis's PAC has one ad that might be effective with Republican voters. It uses Trump's own words to portray him as a gun-grabber:

But apart from that, I think Trump is decisively winning the ad war, and the meme war.

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