Tuesday, April 04, 2023

For the Record: Arraignment Day Notes


Won't have time tonight to do a proper writeup. Here are some Twitter observations from the day:

But the Statement of Facts is a lot more narrative:

Lawyer C seems to be Costello

The theory is that you don't have to formally charge the crimes in aid and concealment of which the false statements were made, though you do have to prove them—they've got plenty of evidence on that, and enough of those crimes are crimes in New York State that it can't be criticized for belonging to federal law. I think the case is a winner, in principle, though that doesn't mean it has to win.

Looks like it'll be quite a while before the thing comes to trial—10 months or a year. It could imaginably be over by the time of the Republican convention, but Trump's ability to delay is legendary. I don't think it makes his nomination any less likely—the party will be denying there's any possibility of a guilty verdict until there actually is a guilty verdict. If there were no further indictments after this, it could go on forever, though I don't think he's got the stuff or the staff to do a full-scale Netanyahu and get elected.

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