Thursday, March 02, 2023


I believe that Democrats are sometimes (though not always) bad at politics. (In 2022, they were very good at politics, except in Florida and New York State, where they were godawful.) When I think Democrats are screwing up, I say so, and I'll continue to say so.

I believe that Republicans sometimes sabotage themselves (as they did in 2022), but I also think they're skilled at working the system effectively. If I think Republican tactics are succeeding, I won't refrain from saying so, even though I think Republicans are evil bastards.

I believe that Joe Biden can win reelection in 2024, but I also believe that Republicans have a good shot at winning -- yes, even Donald Trump. I'm going to continue saying so until I see strong evidence to the contrary.

I read polls and poll averages, and I sometimes draw inferences from them, even though I know they're often inaccurate or premature. I intend to keep reading polls and giving them serious consideration.

If you have a problem with any of this, I no longer want to argue with you. If it bothers you a lot, maybe you should stop reading this blog.

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Greg said...

Seems a perfectly reasonable position to me!