Monday, March 06, 2023


Last month, a chapel service at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, became a spontaneous revival meeting when some student attendees decided to keep praying after the service ended. Word of the ongoing prayer spread on social media and Christian online sites, and more people showed up -- 15,000 or more people a day for sixteen days.

But as Fox News reports, there was a health issue at the revival:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health alert to notify doctors and health officials that a person who contracted measles attended the Asbury revival meeting in Kentucky last month.

The agency said Friday that the Kentucky Department for Public Health identified a confirmed case of measles in an unvaccinated person who attended the religious gathering on February 17 to 18 at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. People from Kentucky, other states and other countries attended the event.

The person potentially exposed an estimated 20,000 people to the infectious virus, according to the CDC. The infected individual recently traveled internationally.
The state Department of Public Health confirmed the case last month, saying that the sick person was an unvaccinated resident of Jessamine County, Kentucky, just outside Lexington. (The school requires attendees to have two doses of the MRR vaccine, but many people from outside the school attended the revival.)

If you're wondering how our friends on the right will respond to future public health crises, you can get a sense from the Fox story's comments section:
It would be cool if I could believe anything coming out of the CDC. Now I immediately wonder what election angle or pharmaceutical stock is actually the objective of this notice.


Great way to stop the religious awakening!


Isn't it amazing how the CDC always finds viruses at Christian related rallies but not BLM protests 🤨


Gatherings of Christians & seekers are a problem. Not Walmart shoppers, not movie theaters, the WEF, NFL or NCAA games, gatherings of BLM or ANTIFA rioters, NBA games or entertainment award ceremonies.


With the DOJ leaked documents saying they wanted to target Catholic groups, parents who speak out at board meetings, and so on. Really makes you wonder if this is just part of the Biden Administrations goal to destroy certain groups.


... Ohio, Kentucky, W. Va., and PA must have something someone wants.


CDC is trying to get the revival shut down, they'll keep coming up with various diseases in order to achieve that goal. Scare tactics don't work anymore.


Well it was only a matter of time diseases wants eradicated are now revived because of the open borders


Sadly, the CDC and many other "health" organizations have lost - just like the FBI - their credibility. I'm reminded of the little boy who cried "wolf" and paid dearly. Americans may pay dearly because Dem's overplayed their hand, all in an attempt to gain power.


Measles, one more tool available for controlling the masses, Its been around since I was a child but is just now conveniently gaining attention. The weaponization of any ailment is an indication of a reach to control some part of our lives, any excuse to induce general fear into the population is a tool used by weak leaders.
Many of the commenters aren't skeptics about all vaccines -- just the vaccines for COVID, which they don't regard as vaccines at all.
MMR vaccine: Measles, Mumps and Rubella.
It's an ACTUAL vaccine.
No big deal our nation dealt with it before. Now of course that was when our people were stronger.


Seems to me that most people have the MMR vaccine which unlike Covid vaccines actually works to prevent infection.


Unlike the Covid jab, the MMR vaccine does work. Come on, people, use your heads. And for the millions of illegals crossing over without ANY of these vaccines, well, hang onto your hats folks, we're just getting started. Polio. Measles. TB. Just to name a few. Unfortunately, the CDC has maybe irreparably damaged their reputation and it will take years if not decades to get it back.
So maybe we won't see a mass movement to overturn all vaccine mandates in the future, even if Ron DeSantis is president. Still, it's worrisome that these people think that the CDC always lies and that only "illegals" spread disease.

And speaking of DeSantis, Fox reports that he's working on a new immigration proposal in Florida, one provision of which involves public health:
The proposal ... aims to track how much the health care industry spends on illegal immigrants.

"We as a state of Florida really need to get our hands around the dollar amount, the magnitude of the amount of money that Floridians are paying for illegal immigrants that go through the emergency rooms," [state senator Blaise] Ingoglia, a Republican, told Fox News. "If this bill should pass, hospitals, any hospital that receives state Medicaid dollars, will be required to ask the question upon intake whether they are here in the country legally or illegally."
Yeah, that's genius: Let's discourage use of the healthcare system by the undocumented, so if any of them get measles, or polio, or a really bad future COVID variant, or avian flu, they'll just keep spreading it. Hey, what could go wrong?

So to summarize:

* Only "illegals" spread disease, but

* right-wingers don't want "illegals" to be able to see doctors when they're sick.

The Fox story tells us:
Health care for illegal immigrants in Florida during the last fiscal year cost over $310 million, according to state data.
Florida state expenditures in fiscal year 2022 totaled $36.3 billion, so that $310 million is less than 1% of total outlays. Somehow that hasn't prevented Florida from becoming the paradise on Earth that DeSantis incessantly tells us it is.

These people may not get us all killed, but they're trying.

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