Thursday, March 09, 2023


Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft speculates that Tucker Carlson has been cucked:
Did Murdoch Shut Tucker Down? Rumblings that Tucker Changed His Show Plan After Threats and Pressure from Regime
("The regime" is the term all the cool kids, including Ron DeSantis, use for what they called "the deep state" way back in the late 2010s.)

Hoft writes:
Did Tucker Carlson change his show plan last night?

In late February Tucker Carlson announced that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted him unfettered access to the Jan. 6, 2021 protest footage at the US Capitol....

Tucker’s Monday show was explosive – Tucker Carlson immediately exposed how many of the narratives propagated by the January 6 commission were vicious lies....

Tuesday night’s show was tampered down. Tucker Carlson did not release any explosive video. His interview with a Capitol Hill police officer was interesting but subdued. There were no big “reveals” on the show last night.

Now there are suggestions that Rupert Murdoch and the FOX News brass got to Tucker and changed his show plan.

Investigative reporter Sharly Attkisson tweeted out that the show plan was changed.
Hoft means Sharyl Attkisson, not Sharly. You remember her -- the onetime CBS reporter who became a Benghazi obsessive and (pre-COVID) vaccine conspiratorialist, and who once posted a video intended to prove that the Obama administration had hijacked her laptop (the video actually seemed to document the consequences of a stuck delete key).

It's possible that "the regime" got to Carlson. It's more likely that Carlson, who is now known to be a Trump-hater, never wanted to devote large chunks of his staff's time to poring over hours and hours of January 6 footage that was certain to show exactly what the previously released footage shows. So he and his team cobbled together one night's worth of supposed revelations, all of which were rehashes of his previous January 6 takes, and now he's done what the top elected Republican in D.C., Kevin McCarthy, wanted him to do (or, more precisely, needed him to do in order to win the speakership). Carlson did McCarthy a solid, and now he can go back to demonizing trans people and chatting with Russell Brand about how COVID public health measures were tyranny.

Although Carlson can't completely ignore allegations that he's a traitor to MAGA. And so:

Yes, that's Carlson praising Trump's fascist-utopian proposal to build multiple "freedom cities." Now I assume he'll just go back to the anti-LGBT, anti-Black, anti-immigrant, and anti-Democratic demonization he'd rather be doing.

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