Sunday, August 28, 2022


I'm enjoying the trailer for the new Breitbart-backed Biden-bashing movie, My Son Hunter:

Who's the guy who's built like Donald Trump and who rants angrily like the patriarch in an HBO drama about a dynastic billionaire, and why is he talking as if he's the father of the Hunter Biden character? Oh, wait, that stout, angry guy is actually supposed to be the lean, sometimes befuddled Joe Biden. It might be fun if the real Biden were actually like this once in a while (although he's been a lot more forceful lately) -- minus the monomaniacal obsession with dealmaking. (Funny, I thought Republicans liked dealmakers, or at least romanticized that aspect of Donald Trump's biography.)

And I have the same question about the trailer that I've had for years about the GOP's Hunter Biden narrative: How can a guy who constantly looks as if he's trying to figure out what day it is and also remember what day it was when he took the pills be primarily responsible for the sinister arrangements that (a) sold out America to international globalists and (b) made his father a rich evil HBO patriarch? This Hunter doesn't seem capable of staggering to the bathroom to vomit into a toilet -- which is also my impression of the real Hunter. So I guess Dad is the evil mastermind -- the same Dad these folks think can't find his way around the White House without a dementia nurse, while some of them argue that he's being controlled by Barack Obama remotely, like a drone weapon.

According to an Andrew Kitrzman op-ed in The Washington Post, Rudy Giuliani is a believer in the Joe-Biden-as-evil-patriarch theory:
Unable to prove his case against Biden, [Giuliani] launched a harrowing campaign of character assassination. “You little slimeball, and miserable father. Hard thing is going to be not to spit in your face, the way you treat your kid, Joe,” Giuliani said on his radio show in November 2020, referring to Hunter’s addiction problems. “Instead of letting him live a life that was simple, [Joe] started to use him as a bag man to collect bribes for him,” he told RT television the same day.
Maybe I've misunderstood the GOP narrative. Maybe the real message is: We are all Hunter Biden. We'd all like to just sit around the pool and do drugs, but Evil Dad keeps forcing us to do missions on behalf of globalism. Damn you, Evil Dad! I could watch the movie and find out, but even my curioity about Right-Wing Bizarro World has limits.

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