Saturday, August 27, 2022


Two weeks ago, I told you about a New York Times story, written by Luke Broadwater and Michael Bender, that said Trumpist congressman Paul Gosar was among several Republicans who had backed away from attacking the FBI over the search of Mar-a-Lago:
Another House Republican, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona, went so far in the immediate aftermath of the search as to write on Twitter, “We must destroy the F.B.I.” (Mr. Gosar avoided the F.B.I. search on Friday, devoting his Twitter account to other subjects.)
In fact, Gosar didn't avoid the subject of the FBI search on that Friday:

And now the Times is doing it again. In a story headlined "Republicans, Once Outraged by Mar-a-Lago Search, Become Quieter as Details Emerge," Jonathan Weisman -- who wasn't one of the bylined authors of the earlier story -- tells us:
... even the most bombastic Republicans — Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Jim Jordan of Ohio — were at least initially focused elsewhere. Ms. Greene was posting on Friday about border “invasions.” Ms. Boebert noted on Twitter the anniversary of the suicide bombing of U.S. service members at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Mr. Jordan was focused on an interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder. None tweeted about the affidavit.
(Emphasis added.)

None tweeted about the affidavit yesterday? It's true that Marjorie Taylor Greene didn't. But here's a tweet Lauren Boebert posted last night:

And on the subject of the search:

Today, she posted this:

As for Jim Jordan, he may not have written any tweets about the affidavit yesterday, but he was still tweeting about the search:

And he was retweeting affidavit tweets from the account of the House Judiciary Committee's Republicans (Jordan is, of course, the committee's lead Republican) and from Dan Bishop, a Republican colleague on the committee:

And his fellow committee Republicans don't seem to have "become quieter":

Times reporters are so desperate to believe that the Trumpist fever is breaking that they refuse to check social media feeds in a thorough manner before confidently declaring that hardliners have backed away from pro-Trump attacks. You simply can't trust the Times on this.

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