Tuesday, August 02, 2022


This couldn't really happen, could it?
Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was greeted with cheers of “MTG for VP” during her appearance with former President Donald Trump at the past weekend’s LIV Golf Tournament at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The conservative pro-Trump lawmaker said she was honored by the cheers and is open to being the former president’s running mate in the likelihood he runs again in 2024....

Trump allies have suggested that Greene is on the former president’s short list of potential vice presidential picks.

For his first run, Trump wanted someone who looked the part -- someone straight out of "central casting" was the way he put it. Pence looked like a traditional, mainstream potential president without being the kind of person who would steal the spotlight from Trump. Pence seemed like a safe choice -- Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz might have picked him.

But will Trump want to have more fun this time? Look at his preposterous decision to endorse "Eric" in the Missouri Senate primary without specifying whether he means alleged domestic abuser and sex criminal Eric Greitens or Eric Schmitt, who's merely an election truther:
At the center of Monday’s episode, according to several people familiar with what transpired, was Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancée of Donald Trump Jr. who spent the weekend making the case for [former governor Eric] Greitens while attending a golf tournament Trump hosted at his Bedminster, N.J. club.

A little after noon, Trump was having a previously scheduled meeting with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, where the Missouri race became a topic of discussion. During the sit-down, Trump called Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, a Greitens foe who referenced a recent poll showing the former governor trailing in the primary....

By the time Guilfoyle made it into the room, Hawley was no longer on the line. McDaniel, who like other senior Republicans tried to dissuade Trump from endorsing Greitens for fear that he could lose the seat to a Democrat in the general election and that his nomination would force Republicans to spent money in a state that should be safe for the party, remained in the meeting....

Guilfoyle was steadfast in her defense of the former governor, saying that the party establishment had been trying to get Trump to oppose Greitens. McDaniel, meanwhile, reiterated her argument that Greitens would make for a weak nominee given his personal baggage.

As the meeting wore on, those familiar with what transpired say, Trump began to lose patience. At one point it was suggested that he could endorse “Eric,” and that by doing so he would be supporting both Schmitt and Greitens....

Trump later asked allies Pam Bondi and Matthew Whitaker, both of whom are backing Schmitt, for their views. At another point, he surveyed Chris Cox, the founder of the “Bikers for Trump” coalition, who was also on the Bedminster property. Cox excused himself from the office so he could get a reading of those in his organization. Upon reentering the office, he informed Trump that his crowd was aligned with Greitens.

But Trump circled back to the idea of endorsing the two Erics....
Someone might have to explain to him that he can't have several running mates, because the Electoral College can pick only one if he wins. But that idea really might occur to him. (There could be a contest after the election! He can "fire" the running mates people don't want!)

I think people with roots in mainstream politics would try to talk him out of running with Greene. Also, she has a big personality, and I don't think he'd be pleased if the media focused on her. So I think she's probably out of the running. But who knows?

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