Thursday, April 14, 2022


A man who could possibly be the next United States senator from Arizona, Peter Thiel errand boy Blake Masters, expressed some thoughts about Tuesday's New York subway shooting a few hours before the suspect, Frank James, was arrested:

Let's unpack that. People who've watched James's now-deleted YouTube videos tell us that James seems to hate a lot of people -- whites, Jews, Hispanics, his fellow Blacks. So, yeah, he's not a nice guy.

But Masters wants us to believe that the shooting could have been prevented by the FBI, alluding to the unrelated fact that, yes, the Bureau had a lot of informants embedded with a group of Michigan men who discussed kidnapping and executing the state's Democratic governor. (Masters seems unaware that the governor was not, in fact, kidnapped.)

What does Masters mean when he says that James "was known to the FBI"? That's from reporting at Newsweek, which is not a particularly reliable news outlet these days. One of Newsweek's stories on the shooting is reproduced here. It says in part:
A federal law enforcement source told Newsweek that James was previously known to the FBI and was entered into the Guardian lead system in New Mexico, though he was cleared after multiple interviews in 2019.
But Newsweek now tells us:
Early Person of Interest, Not Frank James, Known Previously to FBI: Source

A federal law enforcement source told Newsweek that early on the investigation of Tuesday morning's Brooklyn subway attack, authorities were looking at a different person of interest that was entered into the Guardian lead system.
Nevertheless, the idea that the FBI knew about James and let him go made it into Britain's Daily Mail, as well as into a post at Gateway Pundit with the screaming headline "JUST IN: NYPD Identifies Person of Interest in Brooklyn Subway Shooting: 62-Year-Old Frank James — WAS ON FBI’S TERRORIST RADAR UNTIL 2019!" So now quite a few right-wingers blame the FBI for the subway attack.

Much of the MAGA right, of course, also blames the FBI for inciting violence in the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, and is angry at the Bureau for pursuing January 6 rioters.

See this guy, a former Newsmax TV host (and, before that, an NYPD cop) with more than a quarter of a million followers on Twitter:

Prior to that, when James was still at large, he and I had this exchange:

So, to sum up: The FBI is part of the Woke Mob. It could have arrested Frank James years ago. The FBI is sorry it had to take James into custody because the Bureau hates America.

Got it? Now you're a True Patriot.

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