Wednesday, April 06, 2022


I've complained endlessly about the Democratic Party's weak messaging and frequent kind words about Republicans, but I approve of this from the chairman of the Democratic National committee, Jaime Harrison:

In case you don't know that story, here it is, from a 2016 Frank Bruni column:
In early 2014, after decades of government and nonprofit work that reflected a passion for public service, Cassandra Butts got a reward — or so she thought. She was nominated by President Obama to be the next United States ambassador to the Bahamas....

The Senate held a hearing about her nomination in May 2014, and then ... nothing. Summer came and went. So did fall. A new year arrived. Then another new year after that.

When I met her last month, she’d been waiting more than 820 days to be confirmed. She died suddenly two weeks later, still waiting. She was 50 years old....

At one point Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, had a “hold” on all political nominees for State Department positions, partly as a way of punishing President Obama for the Iran nuclear deal.

At another point Senator Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, put a hold specifically on Butts and on nominees for the ambassadorships to Sweden and Norway. He had a legitimate gripe with the Obama administration over a Secret Service leak of private information about a fellow member of Congress, and he was trying to pressure Obama to take punitive action. But that issue was unrelated to Butts and the Bahamas.

Cotton eventually released the two other holds, but not the one on Butts. She told me that she once went to see him about it, and he explained that he knew that she was a close friend of Obama’s ... and that blocking her was a way to inflict special pain on the president.

Cotton’s spokeswoman did not dispute Butts’s characterization of that meeting....
Kraushaar's response to this is not that Harrison has a point, even though he clearly does. Kraushaar's response is pure concern trollery.

Let's take a look at some recent messaging from the Republican National Committee:

None of this sends Josh Kraushaar to the fainting couch.

Meanwhile, has an important scoop:
Hillary Clinton tweets approval of DNC chair's claim Republicans 'don’t deserve to be in power'
Yes, there's a Hillary connection to all this!
Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agreed with the Democrat National Committee chair's blistering description of the Republican Party on Twitter Wednesday.

"It is a party built on fraud, fear and fascism," Jaime Harrison said of the GOP on Wednesday's "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. "They don’t deserve to be in power."

"Sums it up!" Clinton tweeted in agreement after Josh Kraushaar, "Against the Grain" columnist at National Journal, quoted Harrison's remarks.
This was the lead story at the Fox site a couple of hours ago. Most important news of the moment!

I want to give Jaime Harrison a round of applause. More like this, please:

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