Tuesday, August 17, 2021


At Fox News, President Biden is being attacked for how he handled the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan -- but he's also being attacked for wanting to do the right thing about the humantarian crisis that resulted.

Here's Tucker Carlson:
Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned his viewers on Monday night that U.S. elites would use the sudden collapse of Afghanistan to resettle “millions” of Afghan migrants “in your neighborhood,” describing the granting of asylum to war refugees as an invasion....

“So we’re getting it and if history is any guide—and it’s always a guide —we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood,” he concluded. “And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So first we invade, and then we’re invaded. It is always the same.”
In 2009, on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show, Carlson said of Afghanistan, "Well, it's never going to be a civilized country because the people aren't civilized." (At least he didn't call the Afghans "semiliterate primitive monkeys" -- he said that about Iraqis.) On last night's show, as Carlson was warning about an "invasion" of America by Afghan refugees, he seemed to praise what he described as Aghanistan's rejection of feminism.
TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): American-funded gender advisors demanded that women compromise at least 10 percent of the Afghan national army and a still larger proportion of that country's political leadership.

Thanks to American-imposed gender quotas, dozens of women ultimately were installed as representatives in Afghan's parliament. How did that work? Well, the whole thing was a sham, as always. In fact, many of these new female legislators had never been to the provinces they claim to represent.

Almost nobody in Afghanistan liked any of this, by the way, and why would they? As one USAID official conceded in a classified report, quote, "Focusing on gender made things more unstable because it caused revolts." It caused revolts, but officials kept doing it, they kept pushing radical gender politics anyway, because they could, because they were in charge of these Stone Age people they were going to educate.
So Carlson still believes the Afghans are "Stone Age people," in which case you'd think he might be pleased that President Biden stopped trying to prop up their government. On the other hand, the Afghans reject "wokeness," so you'd think Carlson would want them in America. But, of course, everything Carlson's enemies do is wrong.

Laura Ingraham also warns of a refugee menace:
On her Monday show, the Fox News host complained about Afghani people making their way to the United States

"Is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of un-vetted refugees from Afghanistan?" she asked.

Ingraham noted that all day people have been saying that the U.S. promised them we'd save them.

"Well? Did you?" she asked.
A month ago, Ingraham said she was in favor of the withdrawal.
INGRAHAM: President Biden did the right thing today in standing by his decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, something Trump wanted to do but, frankly, he was blocked by his generals.
Her only concern was that we might spend any money at all on trying to help the Afghan people.
INGRAHAM: I think people shouldn't begin to think tonight that leaving Afghanistan means we are going to stop wasting tax dollars....


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We will continue to provide civilian and humanitarian assistance, including speaking out for the rights of women and girls. I intend to maintain our diplomatic presence in Afghanistan, and we are coordinating closely with our international partners in order to continue to secure the international airport.


INGRAHAM: So the troops are coming out, but we are still spending money there.
According to Ingraham, President Biden "did the right thing" by withdrawing from Afghanistan -- but we shouldn't be a humanitarian presence in the country (and now we won't be) and we shouldn't resettle Afghan refugees in America. I imagine that would have been Donald Trump's approach if he'd overseen this withdrawal: Get the U.S. personnel out and embrace the cruelty of the humanitarian crisis. Reject the notion of moral obligation to Afghans left behind. Say "Our country is full" and let the killing begin. We've seen throughout the pandemic, and through a couple of decades' worth of mass shootings, that right-wingers aren't punished politically for being pro-death, as long as they display no remorse. If it's clear that they simply don't care how many people suffer and die, they're given a pass. But President Biden is trying to repair the damage done by this withdrawal. As a result, he'll continue to be attacked.

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