Monday, August 23, 2021


The Washington Free Beacon reports:
A top Democratic National Committee firm is allowing outgoing New York governor Andrew Cuomo to solicit donations, even as party leaders and fundraising platforms have abandoned the scandal-plagued Democrat in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Democratic Party data behemoth NGP VAN has given Cuomo a platform to collect donations from supporters through his official campaign website. NGP VAN is a major player in liberal politics, serving as the sole proprietor of the Democratic National Committee's voter database....

ActBlue, the largest liberal fundraising platform in the country, removed Cuomo on Aug. 5....
HotAir's Jazz Shaw writes:
What I still want to know is, to what purpose would Cuomo still be soliciting or even accepting campaign donations? ...

The first and most common option for politicians is to pay off campaign debt. ... But as recently as July 15, Andrew Cuomo reported sitting on $18 million in his war chest and wasn’t reporting any debt.

Another option would be to stockpile funds for a future campaign, which is also completely legal. Unless and until Cuomo is impeached and barred from future terms, he could still run for Governor again or any other office he’s technically qualified for.
Cuomo thinks he could successfully run for office again? Is he crazy? If he is, he's no crazier than much of the mainstream media.

The Atlantic's Edward Isaac-Dovere spoke for the savvy a couple of weeks ago when he wrote this about the 2022 governor's race:
A poll out Monday from the firm Slingshot Strategies showed low name identification among voters for any of the dozen likeliest options.... Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who’ll take Cuomo’s job when he officially leaves office ..., is planning to run for a full term next year and has brought on the kind of political team that makes clear she’s serious about it. Will New York’s most prominent female politicians, Attorney General Letitia James and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, really discard their gubernatorial ambitions and line up behind the state’s first female governor?

And all of a sudden, Cuomo could reemerge, claiming to be chastened, and still sitting on a $18 million campaign bank account, which is probably more than any other candidate could raise, and run against the political establishment that chased him out. That Slingshot Strategies poll also found that as of last week, 26 percent of voters would support him in a primary, which was nearly three times the level of support any of the other potential candidates had.
On the other hand, 26% isn't so hot against a field with low name recognition, especially for a guy who had an 86% approval rating within his party thirteen months ago.

Still, his run would be embarrassing national news for the party -- Fox would never stop talking about it -- and there's a chance that he really could win the nomination in a split field.

Cut him off. Don't allow him to use party fund-raising tools. Republicans are running discredited sex criminals -- Eric Greitens for Senate in Missouri and, almost certainly, Donald Trump for president again. Let's not be like them.

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