Monday, December 28, 2020


Politico Playbook is right, obviously:
THAT’S IT? President DONALD TRUMP made all this noise about the Covid relief and government funding bill only to sign it and get nothing in return?

TRUMP got taken to the cleaners.

WHAT A BIZARRE, embarrassing episode for the president. He opposed a bill his administration negotiated. He had no discernible strategy and no hand to play — and it showed. He folded, and got nothing besides a few days of attention and chaos. People waiting for aid got a few days of frightening uncertainty.

ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. If he was going to give up this easy, he should’ve just kept quiet and signed the bill. It would’ve been less embarrassing.
He made a lot of demands, but he won't get what he demanded:
Even as he acquiesced to bipartisan pleas to sign the legislation, the president issued a series of demands for congressional action, though lawmakers showed little immediate eagerness to embrace them with just six days left in the session.

“I will sign the omnibus and Covid package with a strong message that makes clear to Congress that wasteful items need to be removed,” Mr. Trump said in a statement late Sunday, saying he would send a formal request asking for some of the funds to be removed. But the 25-day time frame for considering such a request will collide with the inauguration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Jan. 20, and House Democrats said they do not plan to vote on the request....

Mr. Trump claimed in his statement that the Senate would “start the process for a vote” on legislation that would increase direct payments and address a provision that would repeal a legal shield for social media companies that he has tried to force into a sweeping military policy bill. The president ... also claimed that Congress would take up the issue, a certain nonstarter for Democrats, who control the House.
I've been looking at right-wing comments sections to find out what Trump fans think about all this. One of my first stops was Breitbart. We've been asking for years what could possibly make Trump's base turn against him. Some of the Breitbart comments suggest that the answer might be signing this bill.
Why??? You were right the first time. This bill is a disgrace.


Why? His outrage was false and he truly didn't care. A man of conviction does not cave so easily.


Trump cucked. SMDH... a sad end to this awful year.


Trump just made a YUGE mistake.


Pakistan thanks you Mr President... So do all the illegals.

Americans not so much....


Not very reassuring.

Why do I feel like we’ve just been conned?


President Trump had his strengths, he had his weaknesses.

This big government-spending is Trump at his absolute worst.

Oh, well.

My grandchildren who don't exist yet thank you all in the Federal Gov't for foisting the debt onto them.
But elsewhere, many commenters think he's a victim. Here's a Free Republic comment:
The greatest president in my lifetime is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. All the forces of deep state, corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle, propaganda media, social platform censorship of the 1st amendment, crooked cops at the FBI/DOJ...and now some of his supporters.

Damn...the guyz been stabbed in the back enough. He has done more for America and American citizen than any president since Ronald Reagan.

He had little choice. President Trump held out as long as he could to try to get a better deal and the whole weight of D.C. was against him. So, on man held his cards close to his vest for you and I.

God speed Mr. President. Thank you for taking so many punches...for me, for us. You’re a good guy in my book!
Other Freepers agree: It's everyone else's fault.
To the Democrats the national debt means nothing and they would continue to print, tax and spend our money. The $2000 they want to give away to everyone means nothing to us but debt for future generations.


He needs republicans in congress to do the right things.


It is possible Mark Meadows snowed him....
Some similar responses at Newsmax:
Don't forget Republicans and Democrats who voted for this bill. From now on Americans should vote them out.


I can not believe the statement "the bill is not perfect"!!! It is nothing but imperfect a a give away to other country's, which should at this time NOT get one penny of "MY "money"! It should only be relief for American's First! I hate Pakistan ,China, Russia, and most rag head counties! The ARTS, give me a break!! We need to keep Trump and wipe out the swamp which includes Republicans and Democrats!!!


all foreign funding came from Pelosi's lobbyists........
One Freeper thinks he's figured out Trump's plan:
The only way to interpret this action is that he is 100% certain that he is going to prevail in this election fiasco and get his second term.
Some Newsmax commenters agree:
Never count Trump out, he has plans to make it right in his 2nd term. Trolls will be in a rolling spin.


Thank you Mr President Donald J Trump. You have shown your outstanding leadership once more. Thank you for your letter explaining why you signed the Bill and pointing out all the many deficiencies formally that must be addressed by congress. Every last one of them are in the best interest of us citizens. We are fortunate to have you as President. Voter Fraud will be overturned and you will get the second term you rightfully won. Biden will not succeed in Stealing this election. Should he continue tell Jude Roberts his fears will multiply exponentially if he does not do his sworn duties. Patriots have their limits.
And finally, here's my favorite comment, at Gateway Pundit:
He was actually smart. Doing what he did, ensures Congress can not override his veto. They are required to follow per that Act everything he lays out and it forces them to do their jobs. He's a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He basically bent Congress over a bench.
Yes, he really pulled a fast one on Congress, which can't override his veto and make the bill law ... because he made the bill law by signing it. Now Congress is forced to "follow ... everything he lays out" -- except, as noted above, Congress can just refuse to take up all the changes he proposed.

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