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It's only a matter of time before Republican election truthers kill someone. It almost happened in October. The ABC affiliate in Houston reports:
Mark Anthony Aguirre, 63, was arrested by Houston police Tuesday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison....

According to Aguirre, he had been conducting surveillance for four days on a man who was allegedly the mastermind of a giant voter fraud scheme. Aguirre told authorities the man was hiding 750,000 fraudulent ballots in a truck he was driving....

Aguirre ran his SUV into the back of the truck to get the technician to stop and get out, according to court documents.

When the technician got out of the truck, Aguirre pointed a handgun at the technician, forced him to the ground and put his knee on the man's back until police came, the court document said.

Aguirre allegedly directed police to a parking lot nearby where another suspect, who has not been identified, took the truck.

According to court documents, there were no ballots in the truck. The truck was filled with air conditioning parts and tools.
This wasn't a ragtag operation. The group Aguirre was working for was run by a prominent Republican donor and right-wing activist.
Aguirre allegedly never told police that he had been paid a total of $266,400 by the Houston-based Liberty Center for God and Country, with $211,400 of that amount being deposited into his account the day after the incident.
The Texas Tribune has more:
Prosecutors say Aguirre ... was paid $266,400 by the group Liberty Center for God and Country, whose CEO is prominent Texas right-wing activist Steven Hotze.

Hotze was among a group of Republicans who unsuccessfully sued to have nearly 127,000 Harris County ballots tossed out this year. He was also among Republicans who tried — and failed — to stop Gov. Greg Abbott from extending early voting during the coronavirus pandemic, a suit for which Aguirre had provided an affidavit, stating that he was involved in an investigation into a “wide-ranging and fraudulent ballot harvesting scheme” in Harris County.

Jared Woodfill, a spokesperson and attorney for Hotze, confirmed that the Liberty Center hired a company led by Aguirre to investigate voter fraud ahead of the 2020 election. The company contracted approximately 20 private investigators to work on claims of fraudulent ballots in Harris County and other places in Texas.
Hotze is a doctor, author, public speaker, and "wellness expert." He's also a frequent donor to Republicans -- he's given multiple donations to Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, and past and present Republicans including Jesse Helms and Tom DeLay.

Hotze's main organization, Conservative Republicans of Texas, has been called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has published European-supremacist propaganda.

A particular obsession of Hotze's is the LGBT community.
Hotze ... said [a proposed ordinance outlawing LGBT discrimination in Houston] was linked to a “Satanic movement” ...

At an anti-LGBT rally [in 2015], Hotze wielded a sword on stage, compared LGBT people to Nazis and pledged to drive “homofascists” from Houston to San Francisco. After the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of nationwide marriage equality, Hotze said justices in the majority “hate God” and “want to let sodomites queer our country,” and that the decision would lead to kindergarten teachers encouraging their students to try anal sex.
Hotze despises Obamacare, and once recorded a couple of bizarre Auto-Tuned anti-Obamacare songs in opposition, “God Fearing Texans Stop Obamacare” and “Texans Stand Against Obamacare”:

More recently:
In 2020, Hotze filed lawsuits challenging governmental responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. In April he sued Judge Lina Hidalgo of Harris County, Texas for mandating the wearing of face masks. In June, he filed suits against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, alleging that contact tracing violated the US Constitution's First Amendment, privacy, Due Process, and Equal Protection provisions, and that the governor's state-wide face mask requirement was unlawful.

After protests over the killing of George Floyd reached Texas in early June 2020, Hotze called Greg Abbott's office on June 6 and demanded Texas Army National Guard soldiers be sent to Houston with "the order to shoot to kill if any of these son-of-a-bitch people start rioting like they have in Dallas, start tearing down businesses — shoot to kill the son of a bitches. That’s the only way you restore order. Kill 'em. Thank you."
The website of the Liberty Center for God & Country -- the group that was paying Mark Anthony Aguirre when he allegedly terrorized an innocent air conditioner repairman -- is full of Hotze-written nonsense like this:
The Communist revolutionaries are like termites that have been undermining the American Constitutional Republic for decades. Their goal is to establish a totalitarian Communist regime in the United States.

The Communist revolutionaries have infiltrated the public school system, university faculties, the seminaries and clergy, the state and federal bureaucracies, corporations and both political parties. The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by Marxist Socialists and Communists. ANTIFA and BLM are the militant arm of the Democrats. It has been well documented that their funding has come from the Communist Chinese Party. The Chinese Communist party has bought off leaders in the Democrat party and in the mainstream media....

I have been warning about these revolutionary plans for decades, often falling on deaf ears. Finally, there is this incontrovertible evidence that a Communist revolution has been planned to begin tomorrow, November 4th, starting in Washington, D.C.

In every country that the Communists have conquered, they have targeted for assassination those leaders who oppose them.

I encourage you to prepare yourself to defend your family and friends.
But as an innocent air conditioner repairman learned when he came close to losing his life, the people you need to defend yourself against are Hotze and his allies.

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