Tuesday, October 27, 2020


So what inspired this tweet?

A story in the New York Post inspired it:
The Post’s exposés on Hunter Biden appear to have helped spark a rush of early voters seeing if they can change their minds....

More than 58.5 million have already cast their ballots, and searches for “Can I change my vote” started trending over the last few days — linked to searches for “Hunter Biden,” according to Google Trends data.
Here's a graph of the Google Trends data that definitely looks like a completely spontaneous reaction to the Hunter Biden stories, and totally doesn't look like a coordinated pro-Trump effort to get this search trending starting at 4:00 this morning:

Remember, the Hunter Biden stories started appearing in the New York Post on October 14. Why would they lead to a tiny ripple of interest in this subject starting ten days later, followed by a sudden burst of interest today?

The only people stupid enough to believe that this is spontaneous are people living in the Murdoch media bubble, plus the president of the United States. Oh, wait, that's redundant.

The Post story correctly notes that there are some states where you do have the opportunity, up to a point, to change an early vote. So will Republicans try to throw attempts at vote-switching into the mix in order to create the confusion and bamboozlement they need to try to steal the election after November 3? And will the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court help them?

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