Monday, October 12, 2020


Here's former GOP congressman Sean Duffy on Fox News:

Here's Kevin McCullough at Townhall:
The candidates already know that the president is winning by a mile. President Trump can’t help but to continue to draw massive crowds (even while in the hospital.) Every weekend, in every state, in hundreds of cities bikers, truckers, boaters, horse and buggy people, and regular pedestrians are having larger and larger participation in various parades of support from Miami to Manhattan and from Beverly Hills to Capitol Hill. Meanwhile Biden has trouble getting more than a dozen to show up at a tour stop in Yuma.
I've been hearing this for a while from right-wingers: If Biden's doing so well, where are his boat parades?

Here they are:

Voters waited in line for up to five hours across the metro Atlanta region and surrounding suburbs on Monday to cast their ballots, with many locations in the state’s most populous counties reporting high turnout on the state’s first day of early voting for the general election.

Long lines of socially distanced voters snaked around early-voting locations hours before polling places opened. Some people brought their own chairs as they waited, as lines inched slowly because of the limited number of people allowed inside voting centers to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus....

In a sign of the enthusiasm, voters in Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta, began queuing up as early as 4 a.m. — three hours before the polls opened Monday, and an unusually early start, officials said. In Fulton County, which encompasses metro Atlanta, officials said there was “very high turnout,” with lines at almost every one of its 30 voting locations and two mobile sites.
And they're overwhelmingly likely to be Biden voters -- not just because They're socially distancing and wearing masks, but because they're not waiting until Election Day.
A majority of likely voters supporting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden plan to vote early, while a majority of likely voters supporting President Trump plan to vote on Election Day.
This year, our participation in the electoral process doesn't feel like fun, the way it seems to for all the older white guys in the boat parades. We're doing this out of grim necessity.

But we're not doing it reluctantly. Just the opposite: We've been waiting four years for this moment. We need to do this, right now.

Click on this video and notice how long the line is.

It's a solemn parade. But I think it and others like it will beat all the damn boat parades.

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