Thursday, October 08, 2020


President Trump says that all the protest violence on our streets in recent months is the work of Antifa, but this happened last night and it sure doesn't look left-wing:
An ultra-Orthodox journalist who covers the religious Jewish community was set upon by participants in a protest against new coronavirus restrictions after the event’s leader ordered the crowd to chase him away.

Jacob Kornbluh, who lives in Borough Park, Brooklyn, was covering an event organized by Heshy Tischler, an aspiring politician. Tishcler has recently risen to prominence as a critic of perceived government overreach in the name of coronavirus against Orthodox Jews.

Tischler has accused Kornbluh of being a “snitch” and posted a tweet in which he held a portrait of the journalist that many reported to Twitter as incitement to violence.
Kornbluh, we're told, "has previously sparked the community’s ire by calling out violations of social-distancing rules."

The attack took place on the second night of demonstrations led by Tischler, a businessman and talk-show host who's running for City Council. The previous night's demonstrations were worse:
Hundreds of members of Brooklyn's Orthodox community stormed the streets and synagogues of Borough Park on Tuesday night to protest new coronavirus restrictions imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Pledging "war" on officials and public health guidance, demonstrators clad in black religious garb set fires along 13th Avenue and tossed masks into the flames. They chased away NYC Sheriff's Deputies while shouting "Jewish Lives Matter," video shows, and attacked a photojournalist attempting to capture the scene.

Another Orthodox man, who'd opposed the anti-mask crowd, was deemed a "snitch" and reportedly hospitalized after a mob of protesters beat him with rocks. His brother, Mordy Getz, told Gothamist that he was "severely" injured and knocked unconscious, but was doing better as of Wednesday morning.... ... Residents in Borough Park have largely flouted public health rules on masks and gatherings, even as the positivity rate in the area has surpassed 8 percent, the highest in the five boroughs....

... Tischler ... told the crowd on Tuesday that such demonstrations would take place nightly until the ban on gatherings was lifted. "You are my soldiers," he said. "We are at war." As he spoke, other demonstrators could be heard chanting "Donald Trump."
Yes, this is a very Trumpy crowd. Last night's demonstration was effectively a Trump rally. Tischler, the protest leader, seems nice.
A Brooklyn City Council candidate called New York City’s First Lady a “retard woman” and a whore Tuesday night as protests erupted in Borough Park over Gov. Cuomo’s order to shut down schools, synagogues and non-essential businesses.

The candidate, Harold “Heshy” Tischler, 56, was caught on tape making the remarks about Mayor de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray, who’s considering a run for Brooklyn Borough President.

“If you think, Mrs. de Blasio, a retard woman, kurva, whatever you are, you think you’re going to get elected to borough president — you will not be elected," a maskless Tischler is captured on tape saying to a closely packed crowd of Orthodox Jewish people. "Heshy’s going to all your little things, and I’m going to scream.”

Observers initially mistook the Yiddish word kurva, which means whore, for “coon," which Tischler denied saying Wednesday.

“What do you want me to tell you? I don’t like her,” he said. “I call her husband a Nazi — why don’t you scream about that? I hate them all.”
Tischler, who previously ran for City Council but won only 4% of the vote, "gained wide attention among Orthodox Jews for taking bolt cutters to the chains around playgrounds in Hasidic neighborhoods" over the summer.
He works as an “expediter,” who facilitates official permits and other paperwork for construction professionals, but he also runs a weekly call-in show on YouTube and Facebook. After studying in yeshiva, he served time in prison...
Given the pro-Trump nature of the demonstrations, you're going to love the reason Tischler was in prison:
... for immigration fraud.
Somehow I don't imagine Bill Barr will be looking into this unrest.

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