Saturday, June 13, 2020


The president is trying so hard.
President Donald Trump late Friday announced he will no longer hold a comeback campaign rally on Juneteenth, saying he'll push the event back one day out of respect for the date that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

"Many of my African American friends and supporters have reached out to suggest that we consider changing the date out ... of respect for this Holiday, and in observance of this important occasion and all that it represents," Trump posted on Twitter. "I have therefore decided to move our rally to Saturday, June 20th, in order to honor their requests."
After all he's said and done in recent weeks, and at a time when he's categorically rejecting the renaming of military bases named for Confederate leaders, Trump still believes that a slight uptick in his non-white vote will help him win reelection in November.

He's not completely delusional about this, although some of the numbers he's probably looking at come from surveys taken before George Floyd's murder.

There's been a slight increase in his non-white support. Will these people stick with him because he postponed the rally? Or because he gave an interview to a black Fox News personality?
Fox News host Harris Faulkner gave President Donald Trump every opportunity to calm tensions over racist police brutality during an interview in Dallas that aired, in part, Friday afternoon. He either had no interest in doing so or was ultimately incapable....

Allowing that police killing unarmed black men and women is a “terrible thing,” Trump told Faulkner, “You know that better than anyone would know it.”

When Faulkner pushed him to speak directly to those protesters’ concerns, he said, “I think it’s a shame, I think it’s a disgrace and it’s gotta stop.” But then he added, “At the same time, we have incredible people in law enforcement and we have to cherish them and take care of them.”

... At another point in the chat, Trump boasted that “I think I’ve done more for the black community than any other president—and let’s take a pass on Abraham Lincoln because he did good although it’s always questionable, you know in other words the end result,” before Faulkner interrupted to say, “Well, we are free, Mr. President.”

Trump did not further elaborate on what, in particular, about Lincoln’s legacy was “questionable.”

Later, Faulkner asked Trump if he can be both the “law and order president” and “consoler-in-chief.” Without missing a beat, the president said, “Yes, I think so.”
That's what Trump is thinking: Law and order is good for the blacks! I was trying to save their neighborhoods! They should be grateful to me! Recall what he said in Dallas on Thursday:
The President ... proceeded to defend his demand for governors to call in the National Guard to “dominate the streets” earlier this month, claiming that he meant using “force with compassion.”

“But if you’re going to have to really do a job, if somebody’s really bad, you’re going to have to do it with real strength, real power,” Trump said, before responding to the criticism over his incendiary remarks by ripping into “what happened in New York City.”

“The damage they’ve done — you have to dominate the streets. And I was criticized for that statement,” Trump said. “I made the statements with the ‘dominate the street’ and they said, ‘oh that’s such a terrible thing.’ Well, guess what? You know who dominated the streets? People that you don’t want to dominate the streets, look at the damage they did.”

Trump added that he’ll “stick with that” and thinks “most” people attending the roundtable will also do so out of “compassion.”

“Maybe every person in this room will stick with that, and we’re doing it with compassion,” Trump said. “If you think about it, we’re dominating the street with compassion because we’re saving lives, we’re saving businesses, we’re saving families from being wiped out after working hard for 20 and 30 years.”
The blacks should be thanking me!

He might not even be resentful. He might think that many black people are thanking him, and the liberal media doesn't want you to know that. He might really believe that they'll agree with the argument that taking down Confederate statues is erasing history.

Look how many black admirers he has!

Those are recent retweets from Trump's Twitter feed -- the same feed where Trump also recently posted these messages:

Plenty of black people agree, right? Or at least two or three percent more than voted for him in 2016?

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