Monday, June 22, 2020


CNN reports:
Swaths of empty blue seats and a vacant overflow venue in Oklahoma have led President Donald Trump's aides to begin debating what his signature campaign rallies will look like going forward, people familiar with the matter say.

Ahead of the President's visit on Saturday to Tulsa, there had been tentative plans to announce another rally for the near future, perhaps as early as the next two weeks.

Now, it remains unclear when -- and how -- Trump will move forward with his flagship political events. Some advisers suggested it could be weeks or even months before Trump attempts another rally, though as of Monday morning no decisions had been made on how to proceed.
So it's possible that the humiliation of Tulsa saved lives by altering Trump's plans?

Well, maybe not as many lives as it could have saved.
When the President speaks Tuesday in Phoenix it will be to a group of young supporters, not a rally, though aides are now working to ensure that event appears full.
That appearance will take place at Phoenix's Dream City Church, and if you think that will be a safer venue, well, here are a couple of photos from the church to disabuse you of that notion.

Such great news for the state of Arizona that the campaign is "now working to ensure that event appears full."

As the CNN story notes, one reason for the Tulsa rally was to "improve the mood of a mostly homebound President." Many people are paid large salaries from your tax dollars to improve Trump's mood every day -- the Executive Branch is largely non-functional, but this is a matter that White House aides take very, very seriously, as do campaign staffers -- so, yes, there'll be more rallies. The CNN story explains:
Few people around Trump believe rallies will be eliminated altogether. But the empty seats and vacant overflow lot in Tulsa were an indication that their formula needs rethinking amid a continuing pandemic and an altered political landscape.

There are discussions about finding outdoor venues where supporters might feel safer convening, the people familiar said. One campaign source suggested holding more airplane hangar rallies, a common feature of Trump's last campaign that allowed him to visit a location without ever leaving the airport.
I suppose a hangar with natural air flowing through it is a bit less risky, but I'm looking at this photo of a 2017 hangar rally and I wouldn't say it looks safe. Epidemiologists, correct me if I'm wrong.

They have to do this to protect Trump's fee-fees. They have to make him feel loved by the masses -- even if it kills people.

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