Thursday, March 05, 2020


Now that Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential front-runner, Fox News is ramping up its attacks on him. These attacks seem to be falling into two categories: Biden is an evil swamp creature and he's a senile old coot.

Now, you'd think a senile old coot would have a hard time being an effective tool of the swamp or Deep State or whatever it is that Fox is calling it these days. But Tucker Carlson explained to his viewers last night that Biden's seemingly diminished mental agility actually makes him a more dangerous swamp creature.

How is that possible? Let Carlson explain:
... to the cynical and darkly clever people who run the Democratic Party, Biden's fading intellect is not a handicap. It's an opportunity. Joe Biden is weak, and he is getting weaker. Ask anyone who knows him or who has watched him carefully over the past 50 years.

Biden is noticeably more confused now than he was even last spring when he entered the race. So why is this good news for the Democratic establishment in Washington? Well, because it means they can control him....

Joe Biden is fading and uncertain. Weak leaders are vessels for the stronger forces around them and no force in American politics is stronger, more aggressive or better organized than the narrow little interest groups that comprise the Democratic coalition.

... don't expect a Biden presidency to be moderate, not because Joe Biden himself is some kind of wild-eyed extremist. He's clearly not that. He is a doddering old man who grins a lot.

But Biden is infinitely malleable. He assumes the form of whatever surroundings he finds himself in, like an invertebrate....

Hard-eyed extremists in the party will use Biden as their instrument from the first day. And not just on guns, on every issue -- immigration, health care, taxes, judges -- esoteric social issues so bizarre you didn't know they existed....

Now, you may be afraid of the 28-year-old nihilist currently trying to reorder American society -- and you should be. But Joe Biden is absolutely terrified of them. He doesn't understand exactly what they're saying, but he knows they are the future, and he is not.

And for that reason, he's willing to do whatever they ask. You can expect Transgendered Samoans Week to become a federal holiday in his first term, and a whole lot more after that. Biden doesn't care about the details of policy. He doesn't even know the difference. He just doesn't want to fall behind....

We're almost through the first term of the Trump administration, and Democrats still operate virtually every lever of power in this country. They control finance, big business, the tech sector, the news media, of course, academia, the vast federal bureaucracy, and we're including in that, unfortunately, the Pentagon and the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Every power center in America is arrayed against Donald Trump, and we would add to that list the government of Communist China, which would badly like to return to the compliant American leadership of yesterday.

All of these groups will be working tirelessly for Joe Biden. They'll use whatever tools they possess, some of them public, many not. Above all, they'll have the media, which, needless to say, is already playing its prescribed role....

With Bloomberg out and Elizabeth Warren humiliated, there is nothing left in American politics to stop Joe Biden's ascent to the Democratic nomination and domination of the party.

So get ready for Joe Biden. He's more threatening than he looks.
Your right-wing relatives believe this. They believe that "finance, big business, the tech sector, the news media, ... academia, the vast federal bureaucracy, ... the Pentagon and the intelligence and law enforcement agencies" all want the same things as China and, yes, some random 28-year-old nihilist. They think it's all one massive bolus of evil called the Democrat Party.

And it will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine if a guy who frequently seems doddering and ineffectual takes power.

To the right, this makes perfect sense.

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