Thursday, March 26, 2020


Dinesh D'Souza on Fox News last night:

And also remember that a few weeks ago, Jennifer Rubin, the Never Trumper, and others were all putting out the idea that there was so much misinformation being put out by the president, and by Fox News, that we would see spreads of the coronavirus in the red states — Republicans would die. But in fact, interestingly, these spreads are mainly in the blue states.
A couple of weeks ago, the president was insisting that the crisis was a containable flare-up of a relatively harmless virus, and Fox News was echoing that sentiment. No one expected Trump and Fox to do a 180.

And yet for anyone who thought about it for a few minutes, it should have been obvious that the virus would reach America's international-facing metropolitan areas first, and that densely packed urban areas would provide an ideal environment for the virus's spread. This doesn't mean that the virus won't get to Red America, especially if Trump Country is hellbent on ending personal restrictions on April 12, as Trump demands.

But you're going to hear a lot of what D'Souza is saying here from the right. Increasingly, conservatives will be telling us that this is a virus of liberal (or socialist) cities, and that if it spread to the "real America," it's only because we spread it. They'll say they could have contained the virus (under the loving care of the fatherly leader, Donald Trump), but that we let it run amok because we're incompetent, evil, or both.

D'Souza continues:
And what I find kind of interesting is you have these blue state governors and mayors, and they are trying — they're criticizing Trump, but they also have the outstretched hand. They want Trump to intervene. The same guy that they've been calling a racist and a fascist for four years, and now they want the racist and the fascist to step in and help them out. You'd think that if a racist and fascist was the guy they needed, they'd prefer to go it alone.
I don't recall any red states turning down disaster relief from the previous president, even though every Republican in America regarded him as a commie Kenyan jihadist America-hater, largely on the basis of Dinesh D'Souza's books and movies. Nor have blue-state residents stopped paying taxes to Trump's federal government, regardless of what we think of him. New York State, in particular, pays much more to the federal government than it gets in return. When this is over, secession is going to be looking better and better.

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