Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Oh look, here's Sean Hannity on Fox News last night touting a chloroquinone drug cocktail as a covid-19 miracle cure while interviewing the vice president of the United States last night.

And here's a Fox & Friends segment also touting the virtues of chloroquinone.

And yet Ben Smith of The New York Times told us yesterday that while Fox has been irresponsible at times, Suzanne Scott, the CEO of Fox News, at least has this sort of thing under control.
Ms. Scott has been furiously, belatedly, trying to get hold of the programming, insisting that Fox & Friends — the show on which Jerry Falwell Jr. suggested that the North Koreans were to blame for the virus — now always have a doctor involved in the show.
You see any doctors in that Fox & Friends clip? How about the Hannity segment? (The problem clearly isn't limited to Fox & Friends.)

Journalists, when someone at Fox says, "Yes, we've had some problems, but we've got them under control," don't get fished in. During this crisis especially, Fox programming continues to be very, very dangerous.

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