Tuesday, August 06, 2019


What?! Is someone in the mainstream media actually arguing that a trend in modern political life is bad for the GOP?

Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur is apparently doing just that:
Republicans Fear ‘Extinction in the Suburbs’ Over Gun Control

After two gruesome mass shootings in a 24-hour span, some Republicans are raising alarms that their opposition to new firearm limits is making the party toxic to the suburban women and college graduates who will shape the 2020 election.

“Republicans are headed for extinction in the suburbs if they don’t distance themselves from the NRA. The GOP needs to put forth solutions to help eradicate the gun violence epidemic,” said Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor and oil-and-gas executive who supports President Donald Trump....

“The GOP needs to make several moves such as universal background checks, eliminating loopholes and banning military-style assault weapons to neutralize the issue,” he said. “Otherwise, Republicans will lose suburban voters just like they did in the midterms on health care.” ...

“Every time the country experiences a tragedy of this nature the Republican brand takes a hit,” said Carlos Curbelo, a Republican former congressman who lost to a Democrat his suburban Miami-area district in 2018. “Because many, many Americans perceive that Republicans are unwilling to act on gun reform, due to the influence of the NRA and other organizations.”
But that's impossible! Before this weekend's massacres, nearly every politcal story we read argued that Democrats are in peril for some reason or other. Every trend in American life is bad for the Democrats and good for the Republican Party! Hasn't Kapur's editor told him that?

Poor Sahil Kapur. I've seen his Twitter photo and he seems like a young man, presumably with a bright future ahead of him. But he'll never make it to the big leagues unless he learns that Democrats are always out of step with Real America -- i.e., old retires in rural Michigan diners -- and therefore are always doomed. for the sake of your career, get with the program, Sahil!

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