Monday, August 19, 2019


There were demonstrators at President Trump's New Hampshire rally last week, and Breitbart's Joel Pollack is appalled by their tactics.
Hundreds of left-wing protesters formed a gauntlet outside President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, last Thursday, forcing Trump supporters to walk through on their way to the SNHU Arena, and endure taunts of “shame” and “KKK.”

... There was apparently no violence in Manchester, thanks in part to the left’s use of so-called “peacekeepers,” who were monitors wearing orange or yellow jerseys. But police — who otherwise did an outstanding job — allowed the gauntlet to form, risking potential confrontations.

Police officers set up a perimeter immediately around the SNHU Arena, but no further, allowing protesters to come face-to-face with Trump supporters. Two officers stood at the end of the gauntlet, apparently monitoring what was happening and conversing with the “peacekeepers.”

The goal of the “gauntlet” tactic appears to be to intimidate and humiliate Trump supporters — and to reflect a sense of moral superiority among Trump opponents.
I can't embed the video, but you can watch it at the link above. What you'll see are Trump supporters walking (unmolested) on what appears to be a crosswalk as Trump opponents chant slogans on either side.

Which is not how it's being described by Breitbart readers (bots?) on Twitter:

Where else have I seen Americans walking through "gauntlets" made of angry, chanting critics? Oh, yes: At every abortion clinic in America.

And women seeking abortions aren't intending to participate in an act of political speech -- they're seeking medical care at a difficult moment in their lives. Whereas people attending a Trump rally are not only engaging in a political speech act, they're attending the speech of one of the most inflammatory political orators in America. Seriously: You're attending a Trump rally and you have the unmitigated gall to complain that someone else's political speech is nasty?

But at least we have some right-wingers on record saying that "gauntlets" are bad. I'm sure you'll want that standard applied across the board, even at medical facilities -- right, Joel?

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