Tuesday, August 27, 2019


It kills me to say this, but Jonah Goldberg has a point about the president's recent behavior:
... I am skeptical that the president’s mental state has gotten worse.

Instead, ... I think the fizzle of the Mueller probe was a grievous blow to the president, for the simple reason that it removed an extremely useful political and psychological bogeyman.

Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation allowed Trump to give voice to his persecution complex. In his mind, at least, the “witch hunt” was an all-purpose excuse to whine about “fake news” and distract from other controversies....

In a sense, Mueller was a substitute for Hillary Clinton.... After the election, Mueller and his “angry Dems” of the Deep State served as a serviceable alternative....

With Mueller gone, Trump is left scrambling to find a replacement....

He needs some new enemy to brace against, and he’s flailing around in search of one.
The Squad? The Fed chairman? Not compelling enough, for Trump or his fan base.

Other presidents try to pursue long-range policy goals that require planning, study, and a great deal of groundwork. But it would absurd to think Trump could manage that.

Our easily distracted president needs a new all-consuming enemy to keep him from flailing wildly. This seems like a good reason to try impeaching him.

Not only does he obviously deserve it, but if there's a serious impeachment effort, he won't be rudderless. Sure, he'll be the same ignorant, amoral, incompetent, criminal-minded president he is now, but he'll have focus. He won't go off half-cocked. His attention deficit will be alleviated somewhat. He'll be able to concentrate at last. Job #1 will be saving his own ass.

He'll still be an appallingly bad president. But at least we'll be able to predict with reasonable certainty what he'll be obsessed with when he wakes up in the morning. (No more attempts to buy Greenland.)

Impeachment: It's good for America -- and it might be good for Trump. At least it will keep him out of unpredictable mischief.

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