Wednesday, June 26, 2019


If you were wondering whether the president of the United States has grown on the job, let me point out that he has now learned how to post multiple connected tweets in thread form -- hey, it's not negotiating a Middle East peace plan, but it's something. This morning, at a time when most normal presidents would actually be working, he delivered this multi-tweet rant, correctly threaded:

The tweets refer, of course, to soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who told an interviewer yesterday that she doesn't plan to go to the White House after the Women's World Cup is over:

Many people who read Trump's thread had this reaction:

I don't think Trump believes Rapinoe is black. It's just that his collected grievances are coming at him so thick and fast that he has to nest them in a complicated sentence that includes a parenthetical passage running across two tweets, because it's the only way he can get all of them in.

Rapinoe dismissed the possibility of a White House visit. This angers Trump, and reminds him of his anger when Danny Green of the NBA champion Toronto Raptors rejected a White House invitation. That leads Trump to another grievance, namely this:
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA will look to move away from the use of the term "owner" to describe those with controlling interest of teams in favor of terms like "Governor of the team," "alternate Governor," or even "Chairman."

... the change was made due to concerns that the term "owner" can be viewed as racially insensitive in a league where the vast majority of players are African American and the majority of those with ownership stakes are Caucasian.
We can be fairly certain that Trump is aware of this story because last night Tucker Carlson brought on a black Fox commentator, Lawrence Jones, to discuss it. Jones called the move -- let's all say it together, kids! -- "political correctness gone wild."

And that leads Trump to another grievance: his low standing in the polls among African-Americans. After all he's done for them! Criminal justice reform! A booming economy! (Never mind that the trend lines are a continuation of Obama's.)

And then, coming out of the parentheses, we have "leagues and teams love coming to the White House" -- which is Trumpspeak for "Pay no attention to the stories saying that many champions don't want to come to the White House! It's all just fake news and totally not a documented fact."

Wow, that's a lot of grievances, and there they all are, in one big-ass sentence. Who says Trump's mind isn't sharp as it used to be? Our president still remembers what's truly important.

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