Wednesday, June 05, 2019


The British don't like Donald Trump:
... among U.K. residents surveyed between May 2018 and April 2019, two-thirds had a negative opinion of Trump, compared to only 11 percent who felt that way about Obama....

The YouGov survey data reveals only 21 percent of U.K. residents had a positive opinion of Trump, compared to Obama, who had a staggering 72 percent favorable rating.
No, I mean they really don't like Donald Trump:
In Britain, 19 ­percent had a favorable view of Trump, while 68 percent viewed him unfavorably, according to an Ipsos MORI poll last summer. Fifty-three percent of the public said Trump had weakened the “special relationship” between the United States and Britain, while just 6 percent said he had made it stronger.
But Rush Limbaugh is certain that that's only because there's a sinister plot to keep Trump unpopular in Britain using media propaganda:
Now, Fox News used to be on the air in the U.K. Now, the British have an overwhelmingly low opinion of Trump. Public approval numbers are around 30% because the only U.S. News channel most of them get is CNN, CNN International.

... The same British government that owns and operates the BBC said Fox News was not impartial enough. And they pretty much ended the permission they had granted for Fox News. It was a British government decision, well as much as you can say that the BBC is part of the British government.
And maybe the Brits really would like Trump more if they could watch fine programming like the Fox & Friends segment in which special guest Nigel Farage said that Trump is secretly beloved in Britain and his critics are paid to protest him:
FARAGE: Well, I think when he was first elected, it was wall-to-wall negativity from the entire British press and there was virtually nobody in public life in Britain standing up for the president – in fact at times, I felt like his only public supporter in the country.
That drew appreciative chuckles off screen.

Then Farage moved on to falsely suggest Trump is popular – without challenge from any of the three cohosts.
FARAGE: But things have changed. Things have changed. And that’s because what we’re now seeing – and even the Times of London admitted this in an editorial – what we’re seeing is a political leader who made a series of promises that he’s doing his utmost to keep to. And so his approval ratings in Britain are much, much better than they were two and a half years ago.

I know we’ve got these organized, paid-for protests but it’s funny because when the president of China comes, when people from Arab states that have very poor human rights records come, we get very low levels of protest, so I think it’s all of it a show. But generally, his reputation is on the up.
(Fact check: Trump's reputation in the U.K. isn't "on the up" and the protestors weren't paid.)

That's all Trump needs: a 24/7 propaganda channel in every country devoted to telling viewers how great he is. Then he'll be popular worldwide!

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