Monday, April 22, 2019


Many of us believe that the responses to the Sri Lanka massacre from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were thoughtful and appropriate:

But we're not wingnuts. Wingnuts are livid.

Why? Because Obama and Clinton referred to the people worshipping in chuches on Easter as "Easter worshippers." Yes, that's actually a grievous offense in Wingnuttia. Allow them to explain:

Here's how it was put at a blog called Pulpit and Pen:
While technically true, their very specific descriptions of these terror victims speaks volumes. The victims of these bombings were Christians.* That is who celebrates Easter at church, Christians. Other worshipers don’t celebrate Easter because Jesus is not their God.
That asterisk leads to a footnote:
*Two of the churches targeted were Roman Catholic. Sociologically the Roman Catholic religion is Christian. Biblically, it is not.
Oh, okay.

Our correspondent from Pulpit and Pen continues:
Christians should also acknowledge that their ultimate conflict is not with earthly Islamic terrorists but the spiritual forces at work in the Kingdom of Darkness. Sometimes these forces influence Islamic violence. Other times they influence the speech and policy of apostate political elites like Clinton and Obama.
Four hundred dead in multiple bombings, the wrong phrase used in a tweet -- yup, pretty much the same level of evil.

I responded to this on Twitter and was told that Obama and Clinton were misusing the English language.

I met a man who called himself an obedience trainer, but it turns out he trains dogs! He's never trained a single obedience!

More language commentary from Corey Stallings at the Louder with Crowder blog:
“Easter Worshippers” makes it sound as if the “worshippers” in question pray to a fuzzy slinger of chocolate. Many funny images come to mind “Our bunny who art in his rabbit hole, hallowed be Bugs’ name. Thy chocolate eggs come, thy hopping be done, on Earth as it is at the Hershey factory.”
That's odd, because I thought "Easter worshippers" were people worshipping in Christian churches on Easter, a Christian holiday. But that's just because I'm a liberal.

By the way, here's how Easter is celebrated at the company headed by the president most of these devout Christians idolize:

Funny, I'm not seeing the word "Christian" in that tweet. I must need a new eyeglass prescription.


UPDATE: This has made its way to Gateway Pundit and Breitbart, and will undoubtedly show up on the Fox airwaves soon. And you know an alleged insult of conservatives is going viral when they start putting it in their screen names:

Meanwhile, many on the right think they've found definitive proof that "Easter worshippers" is inappropriate and offensive:

Obviously, no one would ever say "Ramadan worshippers"!

Except that "Ramadan worshippers" is a perfectly acceptable expression -- so acceptable that even CAIR uses it:

But this one is clearly headed for the permanent grievance file -- five years from now, wingnuts watching Democrats talk about faith will just say "Easter worshippers" to one another and exchange smug nods.

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