Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Milo Yiannopoulos wants to be loved again, so he's written a (very short) new book:

The book clocks in at a whopping 96 pages (54 pages in the Kindle edition). Here's the promotional copy:
Recently, I became poor. It's disgusting, and it means God loves me less than He loves you. I know my tragic penury won't last forever, but in case you, too, have been fired for something you said, or deplatformed for something you believe, or were just abruptly cut off from your trust fund, this book will explain how to navigate life when you are unexpectedly yanked from privilege and told to, err, earn a living.

Enjoy the hilarious tale of my cataclysmic fall from wealth, grace, and high-end hair salons, but be sure to pay close attention to the tips I've picked up along the way and you might just make it out alive--and with minimal split ends.
You could almost imagine a different world in which Yiannopoulos became an apolitical attention-seeker who landed himself a reality show or series of HBO standup specials. But no, he had to be a morally repellent shill for the worst possible ideas, as we're reminded when we read his author bio:
MILO YIANNOPOULOS is an award-winning journalist, a New York Times-bestselling author, an international political celebrity, a free speech martyr, a comedian, an accomplished entrepreneur, a hair icon, a penitent and, to the annoyance of his many enemies, an exceedingly happy person. He is the most censored, most lied-about man in the world, banned from stepping foot on entire continents for his unapologetic commitment to free expression. But he is also, somehow, one of the most sought-after speakers anywhere, invited by foreign governments, wealthy individuals and even the occasional courageous private company to share his unique blend of laughter and war. Milo lurches from improbable triumph to improbable triumph, loathed by establishment Left and Right alike. His first book, Dangerous, sold over 200,000 copies, despite never being reviewed in any major publication. Milo lives in New Jersey with his husband, John.
(It's not true that Dangerous was never reviewed by a major publication -- here's the USA Today review.)

The book title is curious, given that Yiannopoulos used to go around wearing this shirt:

This isn't Yiannopoulos's first book since his downfall -- apparently we missed a book he wrote last year in which, to judge from the title, he addressed the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal and, of course, made it all about himself. (The title was Diabolical: How Pope Francis Has Betrayed Clerical Abuse Victims Like Me—and Why He Has To Go.)

Racist/sexist/creationist/white nationalist sci-fi author Vox Day tells us that Yiannopoulos has at least one more book in the works:
... Milo will be releasing a major new book soon, the long-awaited FEMINISM IS CANCER. It’s excellent, it’s relevant, it’s very funny, and I won’t be surprised if it is an even bigger success than DANGEROUS was.
Yiannopoulos also wrote the foreword to this book by Day:

Send the meteor. The mere existence of this book demonstrates convincingly that human civilization does not deserve to survive.

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