Tuesday, April 30, 2019


As Joe Biden prepared to enter the presidential race, Donald Trump called him "Crazy Joe" on Twitter. That seemed ... lazy. Trump already calls the other Democratic front-runner, Bernie Sanders, "Crazy Bernie." We know that Trump enjoys this juvenile nicknaming, but is he actually bad at it?

Trump eventually settled on "Sleepy Joe" -- which doesn't really make sense. Biden isn't "sleepy" -- his rhetoric can sometimes lean toward the emotional and overwrought.

But that's not the point of the nickname. The nickname is meant to dovetail with coverage like this, at Infowars right now:
Video: Joe Biden Appears To Have Second Stroke During First Public Campaign Speech

A montage of Joe Biden's recent speech highlights apparent slurring by the now presidential candidate. Alex explains how "Sleepy Joe" is being propped up by the MSM similar to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

There's a near-duplicate story at Infowars headlined "Watch: Biden Slurs Words Throughout First 2020 Presidential Rally."
Whether he’s drugged up, not using the right denture paste, or just plain old, former Vice President Joe Biden’s enunciation was sloppy during his inaugural 2020 presidential campaign rally in Pennsylvania Monday.
And actually, Trump's original "Crazy Joe" tweet fed right into this narrative:

This, of course, is straight out of the 2016 ratfucking playbook that helped elect Trump. Surely you recall this National Enquirer cover:

That, by the way, was from October 2015.

We know more about this from the Roger Stone indictment:
In an Aug. 2 [2016] exchange, Stone’s WikiLeaks contact suggested the group would start spreading rumors about Clinton, identified by her initials, HRC, and her fitness to be president. “Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke,” the person tells Stone, according to the indictment. “I expect that much of next dump focus.”

Over the next days and weeks, a barrage of claims about Clinton’s health started circulating in right-wing news outlets, including Fox News, the National Inquirer, and Infowars. By the end of the month, they would end up in Trump speeches.

Rumors that Clinton was unwell had been circulating online for weeks under #HillaryHealth. But they received a big boost on Aug. 4, when Infowars started publishing stories on the topic, including one that falsely claimed she was recorded having seizures during an interview. That was just two days after Stone received the message.

The rumors soon spread to other right-wing news outlets. On Aug. 7, American Mirror and Drudge Report published a picture of Clinton being helped to walk up a flight of stairs. The Drudge piece mentioned Clinton’s “questionable health condition.”

Russian media also worked to spread the conspiracy theory. On Aug. 8, state-backed Russian news site RT mentioned the Drudge piece, saying it was fueling rumors about Clinton’s “bad health.” That same day, the National Enquirer published a piece about Clinton’s “secret health crisis.”

On the week of Aug. 8, the claims reached the mainstream. For days, Fox News host and Trump fan Sean Hannity vented the lies about Clinton’s health. In one show, he insinuated Clinton had seizures, presenting a picture that allegedly showed an aide carrying a Diazepam pen.
It's starting again, and they're not even changing tactics to throw us off stride. Expect a lot more of this as long as Biden is one of the Democratic frontrunners, and expect a lot of it if he gets the nomination.

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