Thursday, December 20, 2018


Michelle Obama wore quite an outfit on Wednesday night in Brooklyn:
Michelle Obama literally dazzled at her Barclays Center appearance in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday night to promote her bestselling memoir, Becoming.

The former first lady, who spoke alongside moderator Sarah Jessica Parker, wore a gorgeous, bright yellow gown from Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2019 collection....

Obama’s silk dress featured large sleeves and a massive slit in the front, which showed off her showstopping, thigh-high boots. The $3,900 stilettos, also from Balenciaga, shimmered in metallic gold.

That's from a Huffington Post story titled "Michelle Obama Wore The Glittery, Thigh-High Balenciaga Boots Of Your Dreams." Other sites are equally impressed: Allure called the boots "show-stopping" and the outfit "stunning." Australia's Advertiser said that photos of the boots "might break the Internet."

This isn't really my area of expertise, but obviously a lot of people are impressed by what Michelle wore.

And then there's Cristina Laila of Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit, who concluded that the boots made Obama look like a sex worker.
OMG! Fashion Don’t: Michelle Obama Flaunts Thigh-High Sequin Streetwalker Boots on Book Tour

No. Just no.

... What a highly inappropriate pair of boots for a former First Lady.

POLL: Better First Lady – Melania Or Michelle? VOTE NOW!

If you are a working girl and are in the market for these boots, but you don’t have $4,000 to burn, you can go to for the cheap imitation.
What were we just hearing from the media critic at Fox News?

Look, I don't care that the current First Lady used to pose for nude photos. That's a work choice you should be entitled to. But don't lavish praise on Melania, as Gateway Pundit regularly does, and then say that Michelle Obama looks like a hooker.

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