Tuesday, December 25, 2018

President Humbug

I was raised on Christmas movies--movies where cruel and selfish people were transformed, where lonely people found love and friendship, where communities were moved to extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity, all because of the Christmas Spirit. It's all very corny and naive...but it's also kind of a nice idea.

In word and in deed, Trump embodies the exact opposite of the Christmas Spirit. Right now hundreds of thousands of families are suffering through the holiday season because Trump can't get funding for his racist vanity project. Many more stories like these here. Trump's reaction? And meanwhile, the soldiers Trump deployed to the border for a cheap political stunt are spending the holiday season there.

And today, Christmas Day, we have yet another horrifying reminder of Trump's performative cruelty. Trump is every villain in every Christmas movie rolled into one. He has the callous indifference of Ebenezer Scrooge, the grasping malice of Old Man Potter, the petty spite of the Grinch, the sadistic bullying of Scut Farkus, the vicious insecurity of Granville Sawyer, and the larcenous nature of Randolph & Mortimer Duke. In other words,

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