Thursday, August 23, 2018


The president informs us that he's done such a good job as president that it would be foolishness to impeach him, and Sebastian Gorka -- sorry, Dr. Sebastian Gorka -- concurs:

Meanwhile, Salena Zito travels to Zanesville, Ohio, and quotes an unnamed "woman in her mid-40s" who enthusiastically supports Trump "despite his morals, values and behavior not matching hers nor matching her expectations she had for any president of the United States."
She cannot abide anything he tweets, finds his speeches a stream of consciousness that is hard to unscramble and considers his morals in the gutter. She reluctantly voted for him and knows she will vote for him again, something she admits even surprises her.

Why does he hold her support?

He delivers results.

“It’s just that simple.”

She mentions the tax reform bill, the remaking of the judiciary, how he has repealed regulations that have improved the economic conditions in the state, both of his picks for the Supreme Court and his unflinching manner in taking on the establishment wings of both political parties as her reasons.
That's the emerging Republican message: IWe mustn't hold Trump to account for anything terrible he's ever done because his presidency is just too amazing. We can't even trust Mike Pence to do more or less exactly what Trump does (albeit with less drama) because Trump just provides that extra added awesome sauce.

This will be a variation on Trump's contention that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose votes: We could deprive Trump of his job or send him to prison for collusion/obstruction of justice/financial crimes/whatever, but shouldn't he be exempted from all laws because he's the best president ever?

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