Thursday, August 09, 2018


In the past 24 hours, you may have come to the conclusion that Laura Ingraham hates America. Twitter suggests that's the case:

So does the lede of this story from The Hill:
Laura Ingraham: America as we know it doesn’t exist anymore due to ‘demographic changes’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday lamented that the “American we know and love doesn’t exist anymore” because of demographic changes in the country that she blamed on illegal and legal immigration....
The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf writes:
Laura Ingraham Doesn’t Love Her Country Anymore

... What I love about America is its animating idea: “That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

What Ingraham loved about America was apparently its former demographic profile. Now that Hispanic and Asian immigrants have triggered “massive demographic changes,” the America she loves “doesn’t exist anymore.” Sad!
But Ingraham still loves her America -- she just doesn't love ours. She may be a racist and a white nationalist, but she's also a Republican shill. Note the phrase at the beginning of this excerpt from her remarks, and note where she draws her lines (emphasis added):
“Because in some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people and they’re changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like. From Virginia to California, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways the country has changed. Now, much of this is related to both illegal and in some cases legal immigration that of course progressives love.”
Ingraham doesn't hate America -- she hates Democratic America. She names two Democratic states. She strongly implies that the rest of America -- presumably including the fine, patriotic exurbs and rural areas where her viewers live -- is just fine, at least for now, because Republican values prevail, although it's all under siege because of Democratic policies. If you watch the full version of her monologue (posted below), you'll see that she thinks the old centrist Democrats were okay -- they respected borders -- but now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is singlehandedly taking over the Democratic Party (or so Ingraham implies, even though she also mocks Ocasio-Cortez for backing unsuccessful candidates in Tuesday's primaries), therefore we may soon need to bid farewell to our borders, and thus America as we know it.

Ingraham says:
Now, this is a sure way, over time, to remake and reshape America. This is exactly what socialists like Ocasio-Cortez want, eventually diluting and overwhelming your vote with the votes of others who aren't, let's face it, too big on Adam Smith and the Federalist Papers.
We members of the Ocasio-Cortezocrat Party haven't destroyed America yet. Ingraham insists that even minivan-driving suburban moms will surely vote Republican in response to horror stories about crimes reportedly committed by undocumented immigrants, including several she describes in the monologue in blood-curdling detail. (In Ingraham's telling, it seems that no native-born American has ever molested a child or killed someone in a motor vehicle crash.)

Ultimately, Ingraham suggests that America can be saved the same way Fox commentators always say it can be saved -- by means of more Republican votes.

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