Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I'm sure you already know about this:
Shortly after President Trump fired his FBI director in May, he summoned to the Oval Office the bureau’s acting director for a get-to-know-you meeting.

The two men exchanged pleasantries, but before long, Trump, according to several current and former U.S. officials, asked Andrew McCabe a pointed question: Whom did he vote for in the 2016 election?

McCabe said he didn’t vote....

Trump ... also vented his anger at McCabe over the several hundred thousand dollars in donations that his wife, a Democrat, received for her failed 2015 Virginia state Senate bid from a political action committee controlled by a close friend of Hillary Clinton.
For Donald Trump, the political career of Andrew McCabe's wife was probably reason enough for deep suspicion. But on the fringes of Wingnuttia, the suspicion of McCabe goes deeper. Some believe that McCabe has some connection to the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

I learned this from a Free Republic thread that cites a May 2017 video by a self-styled journalist named George Webb.
Seth Rich’s murderer is Alpha Jalloh....

Jalloh hired three Ms-13s to kill Seth Rich. These same MS-13s were killed days later to shut them up for good.

McCabe is implicated because he let Jalloh go free from a group of car thieves. Jalloh was the only one set free which indicates he became ‘owned’ by McCabe.
Confused? Wrap your hat in tinfoil and allow this blogger to explain the contents of the video in more detail:
The journalist George Webb says that FBI's Andrew McCabe let Nigerian Alpha Mohammed Jalloh out of prison despite a history of serious crimes: instead of the projected twenty-year prison sentence, he alone was released after being arrested with twenty other people for carjacking. The release after only a few months was the first hint that twenty-seven year old Alpha Jalloh was coerced into being an FBI operative.

[Dept.Justice Loretta Lynch had the power to release Alpha Jalloh for Seth Rich's Set Up]

Two miles from the murder, FBI reported weapons stolen a couple hours before Seth Rich was shot. Were the bullets FBI? Was that theft a cover-up? ...

Webb linked Jalloh to the infamous Awan Brothers via their profusion of car dealerships.

Profits from fencing the stolen cars apparently flowed through Jalloh's hands into terrorist channels.
You may recognize the surname Awan. Imram Awan did IT work in Washington for 13 years. He was on the payroll of former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz when he was arrested at Dulles Airport and charged with bank fraud. It has been alleged that he and family members who worked with him were making unauthorized break-ins into congressional servers and accessing data. Also, some believe that the Awan family's car dealership was a money-laundering operation.
But there doesn't seem to be any real-world connection between the Awan car dealership (in Falls Church, Virginia) and the car theft ring (in New York and New Jersey) of which Alpha Jalloh was allegedly a part. That's where the story starts going deep into La-La Land.

Here's the George Webb video itself, if you want to waste fourteen minutes of your life:

As the Freeper notes, Webb also believes there's a New Zealand-based conspiracy to assassinate Trump, of which McCabe is a part.

Separately, there's this post from something called America First Media, which alleges that McCabe "ordered the Seth Rich File from the FBI CART division to never be seen." (CART is the FBI's Computer Analysis and Response Team.)

Does Trump believe any of this? Probably not -- it's too fringe-y (so far) even for Hannity or Fox & Friends. Will someone connected to him slip him a few of these crazy posts? Maybe if John Kelly gets fired and the information begins to flow again in the White House the way it used to when anyone could walk into Trump's office and hand him a printout. It's conceivable that one of Trump's sons is aware of these stories. In any case, your right-wing uncle will get around to them sooner or later, if he hasn't already.

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