Tuesday, January 02, 2018


I blame heartland moderate and conservative voters for this. We already know that, for some reason, they don't fear the consequences of inequality or climate-change denialism or deregulation that threatens environmental disaster in their backyards. They don't fear for America when the president is ignorant, corrupt, or beholden to a country that hates us.

But don't they fear nuclear war? Shouldn't the fear of nuclear war be the great leveler? Isn't the desire not to be vaporized in a nuclear holocaust something that should unite us across the political spectrum?

But they're unfazed. This won't give them pause. It certainly won't inspire them to demand that their representatives and senators intervene to take the president's finger off the nuclear button.

The rest of us think this is shockingly reckless. But those heartland voters are in control. And they don't care.

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