Monday, May 22, 2017


Every so often I read a transcript of a Rush Limbaugh radio monologue, because Limbaugh is still, to much of heartland of America, a source of truth and a purveyor of wisdom. Today I read one titled "Democrats Walk Back Impeachment Talk Because They’re Scared to Death of What They’ve Created." What I've learned from it is that the Dittoheads, if they accept what Limbaugh's saying at face value, believe in a conspiracy so vast, and so bizarre, that it rivals birtherism, 9/11 trutherism, or the notion that the victims of Sandy Hook were "crisis actors."

Here's the gist of what Limbaugh said:
Last week — late last week, Thursday and Friday — there appears in various media stories about how one, two, and then three prominent Democrats expressed the need for the Democrat Party to start walking back all this talk of impeachment.

... There are people who have, over the course of the last three weeks, on the Democrat side, tiptoed into the water and said, “We haven’t any evidence.” Dianne Feinstein to Wolf Blitzer twice, for example. There was another Democrat on Grassley’s committee that said, “Yeah, no, we don’t have any evidence. We haven’t seen any evidence yet.” Former CIA director for Obama, Michael Morell, about two weeks ago was on MSNBC.

He said there isn’t any evidence of any collusion.

So they’ve been tiptoeing around this. You put that together with the talk by the Democrats that they need to walk back impeachment, and what do you have? You have, I think, a potentially explosive and destructive thing awaiting the Democrats. What have they done? ...

They’ve lied repeatedly over who was going to win the election, and then when the election didn’t go the way they said it was gonna go, they’re now lying about the election being stolen by Trump and the Russians. They have compounded the lie and they have ostensibly supplied evidence when there isn’t any. And they have created a tremendous number of genuinely enraged, seriously unbalanced mentally people that make up the Democrat voter base who are convinced — they’re expecting Trump to be impeached....

They’re expecting Trump to go down this week. They were expecting Trump to go down last week. They’re expecting Trump to go down next week. They’re expecting somebody’s gonna come along here and drop the bomb of evidence because they’ve been told it’s there.
And here's the conspiracy:
But the Democrats know there’s no evidence. They know they’ve been lying to their people. The media knows it. So it’s walk-back time. That’s why all this gotta be careful, gotta walk back this talk of impeachment because there isn’t, there is not a crime that has been committed.

So there is real fear of what these people are gonna do when that fateful day comes that everybody has to say no evidence and no impeachment and no collusion. They just can’t come out and say that, or they’re gonna have nation — you think they were rioting now, we don’t have any idea what’s gonna happen when these people once again realize they’ve been lied to and misled. The election was the first, and now this?

Democrats and the media are genuinely concerned, because they’ve created this insanity.
This is what your right-wing uncle believes: not that some people in the Democratic Party and elsewhere on the left are overselling the inevitability of Trump's downfall; not that Democrats might be assuming a smoking gun will be found when one might not exist, might exist but never be unearthed, or might not seem like one to a sufficient number of voters or Republicans in Congress ... no, your right-wing uncle thinks Democrats know there's nothing to be found and have just invented the entire scandal out of whole cloth, a deception party leaders and the media have all colluded on knowingly, just to bring this president down out of sheer orneriness. The FBI and congressional committees are in on the plot, too. Mike Flynn is refusing a subpoena, even though there's no crime he might be compelled to reveal. An entire generation of Washington insiders, in other words, have staked their careers on a deception based in literally nothing, one that, if exposed, could at minimum destroy every conspirator's reputation for honesty forever and in all likelihood have far worse consequences for the conspirators.

They've set this massive conspiracy in motion ... and now they're getting cold feet and want to do a complete 180. They built this enormous edifice of disinformation, because the Deep State finds the Trump presidency intolerable -- yet now they're saying, "Let's call the whole thing off!"

I'm not sure why they want to call it off -- you'd think people who could construct a web of deceit this vast would be pretty damn powerful -- but I suppose it's because, despite their vast power, they've created a deception so flimsy it can be exposed by, I guess, a few randos on Twitter and Reddit who have Sean Hannity's ear.

Really, this is what your uncle thinks.

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