Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Here's something Rush Limbaugh said on his show yesterday:
I don’t understand how people don’t get that it’s not just the Democrats in Washington that are roadblocking Trump....

Mitch McConnell says he can’t see a way to getting 50 votes for the House Obamacare repeal bill? Now, stop and think here, folks....

I saw a Wall Street Journal story about how the Republicans in the House, they just can’t! It’s just impossible. They’re pulling their hair out. They don’t know what to do. They just can’t find a way to cut any taxes. Because every time they cut a tax over here, they have to find a way to make the money up over there, and they just can’t. They’re looking at all these various tax cuts proposals and they said, “I — I — I don’t know how we’re gonna pay for all this.”

So the Republican Party, which is ostensibly the party of the president — and they owe their majority to him, particularly the Senate — are roadblocking Donald Trump more than the Democrats are, because the Democrats cannot. The Democrats don’t have the votes in the House to stop Trump. The Democrats don’t have the votes in the Senate to stop Trump, although there is the 60-vote cloture requirement. It’s not the Democrats standing up and saying, “We are not gonna help. We’re gonna stand in the way of any foolish tax cut you propose.”

It’s the Republicans standing up and saying, “I just don’t see how we’re — there’s no room here. I don’t know how we’re gonna lower rates when you have this exemption over here and you have this exemption there.” And I just read this stuff and I shake my head. They don’t want to cut taxes. Either they don’t want to cut taxes institutionally, they don’t want to cut taxes economically, or they just don’t want to do the heavy lifting. I don’t know what it is. My guess is they don’t want to help Trump....

They just don’t see how they can do it. It’s incredible. It really is incredible. Because, of course, there’s a way. They just don’t want to do it. I think it’s all establishment, all the time anti-Trump, throw the media in there as well.
I'm delighted that Limbaugh is saying this. I hope he says something like this every day from now until November 2018.

If Democrats regain control of the House, greater Democratic turnout probably won't be the only reason. It will require depressed Republican turnout as well -- and Limbaugh is doing a bang-up job of depressing the party's voters right now.

Limbaugh still praises Trump:
But even in the middle of this I can tell you almost assuredly that Trump is not off his game. He’s not despondent. He’s not sitting there worried about why all these people hate him. He’s not worried about all that. He’s just head down and moving ahead full speed as he can, not reacting or responding to all this stuff in the media, except when he tweets.
We'll deal with 2020 when it arrives, but for 2018, the notion that the president is a bold and capable change agent who's being impeded by establishment hacks in his own party's congressional delegation is a great Republican media message -- for the Democrats. Keep it up, Rush. And Republicans, please just keep failing to enact your agenda. We appreciate it.

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