Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Excellent News for John McCain

From Eli Lake, we have The Special Counsel Who Just Might Save Trump's Presidency:
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just did Donald Trump a favor.

It may not look like that from the perspective of the president. His Twitter feed is filled with eruptions about the fraudulence of the Russia investigation. But by appointing the former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate the matter, Rosenstein has quieted a crisis that was consuming Trump's presidency....

[Long litany of horrible news for Trump over the last couple of weeks]

Now Rosenstein has offered the president a reset. Trump has a chance to try to focus on foreign and domestic policy. And in this respect the timing is fortunate.

Trump will travel to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium on his first foreign trip as president, starting Friday. He plans to press Arab allies to form a new alliance against Iran. He hopes to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. He has a chance to lock down greater spending commitments from NATO allies.

On the domestic front, Trump can now focus on getting his health-care legislation and tax cuts through the Senate.
The near-perfection of this asininity is marred only by the omission of the word 'pivot'. Hey, maybe Trump will Become President (again) in Saudi Arabia, or Israel, or the Vatican. Because it worked out so well all the other times he Became President.

Now, I don't think he'll actually be impeached--not before the midterms, anyway. But the appointment of a Special Counsel does guarantee that this will still be a story a year from now, or 18 months from now for that matter. Which I'm sure is Excellent News for Congressional Republicans.

(Incidentally, this is also Bad News for Hillary Clinton.)

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