Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Progressive demonstrators are becoming creative:
One newly formed progressive super PAC is planning to cart caskets to Republican lawmakers' districts and hold mock funerals for their constituents. Another activist is encouraging protesters to ship their own ashes — should they die without health care —to GOP lawmakers. And other progressive groups are planning graphic "die-in" protests as they work to derail GOP plans to repeal Obamacare.

... ome liberal groups and activists are hoping to use macabre theatrics to gin up voter frustration toward Republicans over what Democrats view as a disastrous change in health care policy.

It’s a far more in-your-face tack than that being taken by more establishment organs of the Democratic Party....
But some party officials -- you know, the same folks who've stood by and done nothing as the party steadily lost ground to the GOP, in federal, state, and local elections -- are reacting to all this by reaching for the fainting couch:
Veteran operatives say the over-the-top theater could backfire just as political momentum on health care has shifted toward Democrats.

"Staging a funeral has a lot of shock value, but runs the risk of overplaying the hand and turning off swing, moderate or independent voters who would otherwise agree with us on this issue," said Caitlin Legacki, a Democratic strategist who worked on the 2012 campaign of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

T.J. Rooney, former chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, said mock funerals will have the same impact on the right as "the ghouls who carry pictures of aborted fetuses" have on the left.

"To those affected and their loved ones, they live the uncertainty every day and the hyperbole is offensive," he said.
I'm not going to post an aborted fetus picture, but I'm sure you've seen one. Did it look like this?

If anything, die-ins are probably too tame -- too stagey, too sixties. (I like the ashes protests myself.)

And heaven knows the GOP wouldn't stoop to ghoulish measures like, y'know, claiming the Affordable Care act includes "death panels" that will allow government bureaucrats to kill grandma. Republicans were far too high-minded to tolerate tactics like that in the Obama years, right?

Yes, Republican opponents of Obamacare always maintained a level of tastefulness and decorum:

Hey, Democratic operatives: It's the Trump era. You go knit some nice lace doilies. We got this.

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