Monday, April 03, 2017


Politico tells us about some applicants for the White House intern program:
... the White House Internship Program is drawing young applicants with media, entertainment and business bragging rights fit to serve a former reality television mogul.
One of the applicants is using his Twitter feed to try to get the gig:
The Trump White House’s application added a field that didn’t exist when President Barack Obama adopted the program: social media details.

Josh Hall, an incoming freshman at Harrisburg Area Community College, hoped the White House would notice that his tweets condemning the press mimic the president’s own style. “I started my Twitter as a political account six months ago. I have like 12,000 subscribers,” he said.

“I’d maybe be able to shed a lot of light on the bias that happens within the media,” Hall added. “I try and do that a lot of the time with my Twitter.”

One of Hall’s recent tweets: “The fact of the matter is #Manafort's Russian ties from YEARS AGO had no influence on the campaign or the election. This is FAKE NEWS!”
Yes, that's one Hall's tweets. Here's another:

And another, directed at Congresswoman Maxine Waters:

Young Mr. Hall also calls Waters a "bitch":

But she's hardly the only woman he has problems with:

And, of course, like his would-be boss, he's a birther (citing a long-debunked fake Kenyan Obama birth certificate) and a climate change denier:

We're given a hint of Hall's leanings in the Politico story:
A fan of alt-right media darling Milo Yiannopoulos, Hall said he likes Trump because “he sounds like your average American.”

“He can be offensive at times,” Hall said. “There are things he says that I think go too far. But your average Americans do say kind of offensive things.”
But none of Hall's more offensive tweets are quoted. Instead, the hook of the story is "Gosh, isn't it interesting that Trump's intern applicants are very Trump-like! One tweets a lot! Another is studying business and media! Brave new world!"

I've posted screengrabs of these tweets in case Hall gets some grief for them and takes them down, but I suspect that won't happen. Clearly he's proud of what he's posted and assumes exposing it all poses no risk, either to his internship prospects or to his future employment in Republican politics, right-wing media, or elsewhere. And remember, it's conceivable that someone in the White House hooked Politico up with this guy, hoping for an upbeat soft news story. If so, whoever did that saw these tweets and assumed they were harmless.

This is who applies to work in the White House these days (and I bet he gets the job, or something equally prestigious on the right). Everything is fine.

(UPDATE: Birther image fixed.)

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