Thursday, April 13, 2017


At Power Line, Trump bootlicker John Hinderaker writes this:
In recent days, President Trump has moved to distance himself decisively from the supine Obama administration. This is why Russia, Syria, Iran and North Korea are whining hysterically about war. They liked having an inept American administration, and would like to lock in fecklessness as a permanent condition. Trump has made it clear that this isn’t going to happen, so they are howling, hoping no doubt to stir up domestic opposition to the administration.
He follows up with this:
Michael Ramirez sums up today’s news in “Bombing From Behind.” ...

Right-wingers don't really care about foreign foes. That's why they can move effortlessly from cheerleading for Trump the Russia-lover and apparent war skeptic to getting a thrill up their collective leg when Trump drops the big one. It doesn't matter, because even if they hate Muslims and commies, their ultimate enemy is always the Democrats. They loved it when Trump was portrayed as the antithesis of mad warrior Hillary Clinton and they love it when Trump is portrayed as the blood-and-guts cowboy who's banishing the memory of prissy metrosexual Obama.

And see also this guy:

"For eight years ..., we had a president who was all talk."

Um, not really:

But if you're a Republican, you probably think the total was zero, not 26,172. So now you're thrilled.

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