Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Pepsi has taken down the much-mocked Kendall Jenner ad, but here it is, at least for now:

According to Bre Payton at the right-wing Federalist, the ad is all the fault of lefty millennials:
Pepsi’s New Kendall Jenner Ad Is Everything That’s Wrong With Millennials

... Questions abound: What are these people protesting? Why are the cops there? Are they going to arrest everyone? Are they there to protect them? What convinced Jenner to join the protest? Also, what were the cops planning to do before they were offered a can of soda?

The annoying part about this ad is that Pepsi knows they don’t need to answer any of these questions, because the point of vague protests filled with demonstrators wearing hijabs and ripped jeans is already clear to all. Millennials have Selma envy, and yucky soda companies know it. They threw in a Kardashian for good measure.

... Pepsi is going all in and embracing these vague, social justice-y values in an effort to be cool. It’s sad.
But according to Christian right columnist Dan Calabrese, lefty millennials are also the totalitarians who forced Pepsi to withdraw the ad:
The funny thing is it’s not conservatives who destroyed this, even though it’s an obvious attempt to pander to young social justice warriors, cop-haters and Trump-haters. Conservatives don’t really do that. They’ll comment on how awful it is, but they won’t go to town with endless social media mockery and demand reprisals. You know perfectly well that’s the game of the left, and that’s what sunk this piece of garbage....

The problem? Apparently you can’t put a white woman at the center of protest against the blue-eyed white devil - especially a really rich one - and I suppose it should go without saying that you can’t co-opt the SJW movement for the purpose of a corporatist product push.

Let a black man hand that Pepsi to the cop and he’s probably getting billy-clubbed within seconds!

I guess.

The noisiest voices on the left will eat you alive if you presume to be down with the cause, but fail in any way to comply with all the prerequisites....

Pepsi’s quick retreat shows just how fruitless it is for corporations to try to mollify this crowd. They think the kids these days are all into social justice - and they love their Kardashians! - so why not combine the two and make social justice warrior protesters into heroes, disarming the dastardly cops with a single can of the Drink For A New Generation?

Here’s what they don’t understand: The percocious left that lives on Twitter lies in wait for an excuse to mock and destroy anyone. They don’t care who it is. They just want an excuse to spend the day humiliating you for whatever offense or for no reason whatsoever. Once it takes on a life of its own, they all follow, and your attempt to become the cool corporation of the moment has just blown up in your face.
So kids are evil for wanting an ad like this to be made and kids are evil for stomping the ad with their liberal-fascist jackboots. Damn you, "percocious" left!

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