Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shocked--Shocked!--to Find Trump Likes Bombing Shit

We still have 980-odd years left til the year 3000, but I'm confident that if we make it that long this will turn out to have been the single stupidest sentence of the millennium:
That's Scott McConnell, a Buchananite (he was a speechwriter for Pat back in the '90s) who helped found the American Conservative, and whom Vox (for some inexplicable reason) gave space in which to agonize over Trump's betrayal of his pacifist principles.

Of course McConnell has his counterparts on the nominal left, people whose Clinton Derangement Syndrome was so severe that they saw her as a warmonger and Trump as a principled critic of war. And as Zandar says, So let's start kicking, beginning with a particularly odious specimen named Michael Tracey--late of Vice, until they shitcanned him for doxxing Lena Dunham, and now with The Young Turks: Those tweets aged well, didn't they? And yes, Tracey too is dismayed at Trump's betrayal of his noble and principled anti-war stand: Who could possibly have seen this coming?

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