Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Donald Trump got Sarah Palin's endorsement today, which is amusing because he's been portraying himself as a great defender of women, unlike that woman-hating Hillary Clinton:
In October, Roger Stone, Trump’s former longtime political adviser ..., published “The Clintons’ War on Women,” a book that portrays Bill Clinton as a serial sexual abuser and Hillary Clinton as complicit in silencing his victims.

Trump has seized on that line of attack this month. He greeted the New Year by tweeting, “I hope Bill Clinton starts talking about women’s issues so that voters can see what a hypocrite he is and how Hillary abused those women!” on Jan. 2. Five days later, his campaign released an Instagram video that features images linking the Clintons to Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner and Bill Cosby and declares Trump “the true defender of women’s rights.”
So, Donald, do you have anything to say about Sarah Palin's son?
... online court records show that Track Palin, 26, was charged yesterday with assault in the fourth degree (domestic violence), interfering with a report of domestic violence, and possession of a weapon while intoxicated. In a press release, Wasilla Police say they responded to a disturbance at around 10 p.m. last night, and that “an investigation revealed Track Palin had committed a domestic violence assault on a female, interfered with her ability to report a crime of domestic violence, and possessed a firearm while intoxicated.”
From the police report (the victim's name is redacted):
Palin approached [Redacted] and struck her on the left side of her head near her eye with a closed fist. [Redacted] got on the ground in a fetal position because she didn’t know what else he would do. Palin then kicked [redacted] on the right knee. [Redacted]’s phone was sitting on the ground in front of her. Palin took her phone and threw it across the driveway. She retrieved the phone and went inside the house. Palin was already inside and holding onto a gun, yelling “do you think I’m a pussy?” and “do you think I won’t do it?” [Redacted] stated Palin “cocked the gun” and was holding the rifle out next to him with the his right hand near the trigger and his left hand near the barrel....

Sergeant Rader observed [redacted] to have bruising and swelling around her left eye. She complained of pain to that area as well as to her right knee. He observed a small red area near her knee. The involved firearm, an unloaded AR-15 rifle was located on the kitchen counter.
Talk to us about defending women, Donald. Really, this would be the perfect time.


Buford said...

come on folks....this is nothing more than a Palin Mating Ritual...some booze...some dancing...some fisticuffs...and voila...a Baby is born in nine months...where the gun comes in is anyone's guess...

Joey Blau said...

Hahahahahahahahaha it was unloaded. He is a pussy.

maxk1947 said...

Poor Trick has PTSS, don'cha know. 'Cause he's a veteran. Obama makes him act like this, because how he treats veterans so bad. That's who (redacted) should blame for this.

This is all true. Trick's Mama told me so.