Friday, January 15, 2016


Ted Cruz's attack on Donald Trump's alleged "New York values" and Trump's 9/11-themed reply in last night's debate have inspired quite a bit of Gotham and Empire State anger: Mike Lupica denounced Cruz in a column that appeared in today's Daily News , an issue with a cover that depicts the Statue of Liberty giving Cruz the finger. Congressman Peter King (R-NY) called Cruz "a fraud and a hypocrite" in a BuzzFeed interview today. And Governor Andrew Cuomo called Cruz's remarks "offensive" and "divisive."

So did we get a Cruz walkback? Yeah -- of sorts:

Cruz may never be president, but he knows what wingnut enjoy more than anything: collecting and wallowing in grievances. In this response, he gathered up a whole mess of 'em, and urged wingnuts everywhere to wallow away.

Not only do right-wingers identify real or ginned-up reasons to be outraged several times a day, they never forget any of their grievances. So Cruz is tapping into a deep well of grievance with this catalogue.

The folks at Free Republic noted that Governor Cuomo said, “We’re not judgmental, negative and hostile, the way Cruz was" -- and immediately recalled that two years ago Cuomo said "extreme conservatives ... have no place in the state of New York." What he actually meant was that they don't really have a place in New York state government, because the typical Republican in the state legislature is a right-centrist -- but wingnuts all over the country have never forgotten this poorly worded remark and have never forgiven it. Cruz alludes to it in his response -- and he knows his audience all over the country will know exactly what he means, because no grievance ever fades from thew wingnut mind.

The same goes for everything else he lists. Conservatives spend all their waking hours listening to talk radio and watching Fox; collecting grievances this way is their idea of fun.

So this will go over very well with his base. Even New York State wingnuts -- who denounce their governor as a gun-grabber and think New York City's mayor coddles cop-killers -- are likely to appreciate it. Trump will win the New York primary, but if there were polls of the GOP race in the state, Cruz might even get a bump after this statement.


Unknown said...

That guy is really the Sultan of Smarm.

Victor said...


Teddy Cruz-ader must have enlisted some Cheetos chomping, Cheetos dust-huffing, Mountain Dew swilling, 'dain-bramaged' 4th-rate teenage conservative liberal-blog troll who lives in his parent's basement/rumpus room, to write that POS response!

Either that, or multi-chinned Erick - the son of many other multi-chinned Erick's, going back to the original Viking butt-boy, and knob-polisher, Erick the RedState - Erickson, who despises NY, did it for sexual favors to be performed later, as the Cruz-ader demands!
Unless, of course, you are vehementaly, violently, anti-gay! Which both are.

That response has to go in with unanimous votes, into The Non-Apology Hall of Fame!

Blackstone said...

Replay of 1984 and "San Francisco Democrats". New York values will be used the same way. Hopefully the party and the nominee will be ready this time.

Feud Turgidson said...

If I understand the self-expanding American conservative grievance cycle, it expands off the dark energy from constant complaining about being denied sufficient representation in the halls of political power to ensure the prevention and tearing down of all institutional governmental expression & use of political power, but in a manner somehow completely distinct from all forms of human organization, indeed somehow working as a prophylactic against, each of (or mostly each of) abortionists & abortifaicients, academic freedom & tenure, ACORN, affirmative action, apologizing to foreigners for anything ever, bandidos, Black Panthers, Caliphates, chaos, collective bargaining, communists, Darwin, dictators (some), dictatorships (most, probably), drug lords, elitists, equality rights, evolution, fascists, federal government fences to keep out cattle (but definitely not federal government fences to keep out people), food stamps, frisbee golf, hackysack, hijabs, hip hop, hippies & especially hippy radio & most of all Berkeley, Hollywood, interpretive dance, Korans, the Kremlin, liberals & liberal media, lynch mobs (some), mob rule (most, probably), mondern art, monarchs, minorities & their friggin' whiney-ass rights, muslims (all), nazis (some), nihilists (mostly), progressives, public TV, rap poets, Sharia law, slave reparations, socialists, tree huggers, and war lords, OTHER THAN (most) organized Christian fundamentalist religious organizations, including cargo cults.

I think it's impossible for something like that to ever stop.

Victor said...

I think you left something out of that great, funny, and pretty comprehensive list:

Feud Turgidson said...

Oh, V, you are soooo right.

Thus over the course of the next 4-5 months, will we be to witness several of the Sick Seven, in particular Cruz, and, AFAIK so far only excluding Trump, attending on Hellfire, Brimstone, Kill All Abortioneers & all of those whose blood the Abortioneers wash their hands, plus anyone with their junk out of order or firing sequence or WTF those crazy homicidal bible-fellating dipwads think is going on with the Ys full of gays, the aisles full of lesbos, and the freak parades of bearded women and girlyboys.

Other than throwing myself on the mercy of the thread, I plead chronic inability to even imagine thinking as they do - thank holy fuck.

Ken_L said...

I don't get all the fuss. Republicans have been dissing the coastal fringe cities for years: Sarah Palin yukking it up in Arizona where "real Americans" live, Huckabee writing a book about "Bubbas and Bubbles", endless calls to "take America back". Who do the city folk think they want to take it back FROM?

Unknown said...

I've noticed that no repiglican can do anything wrong and no democrat can do anything right in your opinion. And yet we are poised to have another two term democratic president.

Steve M. said...

I'm just trying to compensate for excessive optimism -- like yours. Clinton and Sanders are leading in many polls. Clinton absolutely could win, and the public is so furious at the establishment that Sanders might be competitive. But Clinton's terrible at campaigning and has very high negtives, and Sanders is a New Englander who's never won a race against a truly nasty Republican (cf. Dukakis and Kerry). Also, he'd be outspent 100-to-1 by the Republican and multiple GOP super PACs. So, no, I'm not going to call the GOP field a "clown car" and assume everyone will hate the eventual Republican nominee as much as Democrats and progressives do.

Ebon Krieg said...

NY is going the way of certain dinosaurs. My condolences.

Ebon Krieg said...

Republicans have become a crime syndicate. If you haven't felt it than you know it by its actions. The "families" have carved up their turf and made their "dons" known. There is no cohesiveness. They hate each other as they hate you.

Chai T. Ch'uan said...

Re: wingnut grievances and the viciousness of their attacks on refugees et al, I am reminded of this insight:

"Nothing makes us less capable of empathy than consciousness of victimhood."
-- Gary Saul Morson