Sunday, January 31, 2016


This is just incredibly sad:

MAJOR GARRETT, CBS: Can Jeb Bush be a surprise story here on caucus night?

JEB BUSH: Yes, 'cause the expectations are so low. [Laughs.]

GARRETT: Well, you have succeeded there, governor.

BUSH: [Raises fists in mock-triumph.] Mission accomplished!
I don't root for Bushes, but watching Jeb wallow in his own failure this way just makes me feel embarrassed. He's a human being, and I can't stand watching him do this to himself.

Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire, please: If you have an ounce of compassion and you're considering casting a vote for Jeb, for the love of God, please don't.

The final Des Moines Register Iowa poll has Jeb at 2%. Two percent! That's good! That's such a terrible showing that it might persuade him to give up at long last. Oh, but the final Gravis poll has him at 6%. Really, people, 6% of you can't vote for him! It would be cruel! He'll feel he has to keep going at least until the Florida primary, and that's on March 15. Can we really bear to watch him abase himself this way for another month and a half?

And the same goes for New Hampshire. The latest CNN/WMUR poll says Jeb is at 6%, mired in 6th place. This is a state that should be more establishment-oriented than Iowa, so it's fine if 6% of you vote for him there -- it's a low enough number that it should help him get the message that he's not wanted. But the new Boston Herald/Franklin Pierce University poll says he's at 10% -- and tied for third! No, New Hampshire! You mustn't prolong the agony that way!

Really, folks -- think of it as an intervention. You have to help him quit. He's not capable of quitting on his own.


Ken_L said...

At least he seems to have got to the first stage of recovery, which is admitting he has a problem.

Eeyore said...

I was starting to feel sorry for Jeb, being stuck amongst the s**tshow that is the Republican primary, then he put out an ad that reminded us all about Terry Schiavo, and i remembered that I hate the guy.

petrilli said...

"He's a human being, and I can't stand watching him do this to himself."

No. He is not. Public humiliation is the least of what this thing deserves.

Victor said...

I almost fell for feeling sorry for him as a human being, Steve.

But, after what the Bush family has done for generations, and the death tolls, I want the debasement of Jeb to continue for at least a while longer.

Maybe then, future ganarations of Bush's will keep their noses out of politics, and just wallow in their untold riches, like other old wealthy and powerful families!

BKT said...

JEB! should have taken his wife's maiden name has his surname and then run as a Democrat.

I mean, he'd still lose spectacularly, but at least it would be interesting.

Ten Bears said...

In light of our long running disagreement as to the future of the Retard Party, I'm not sure but you may have just put a face on it. No sympathy though, while I am thoroughly enjoying Poppy's distress at the ascension of the AWOL brat and the complete failure of the favored son to do so they're War Criminals all the way back to Grampa Prescott, who should be exhumed and executed along with the rest of its offspring.

Yes, Retard. Look it up. Yes, "it." Ask a combat vet.

Feud Turgidson said...

This is how the American presidential selection process can be so freaking great: it's not a matter of who among Steve & his commenting readers has it most right - they all do! As a more oxygenated voter, each of us can feel a twinge of pity for this utterly contemptible tool, and all because the system has worked (in this case to something approaching optimal) in working to humiliate him. And that in a context where every one of the candidates is actually working to debase himself or herself, because they all seem to agree, as we mere plebeian fractions do, that it's necessary!

Unknown said...

No sympathy for this guy. His stated policies would hurt the poor and lift the wealthy. He deserves all he gets.