Wednesday, July 01, 2015


This seems like a match made in heaven:
Chris Christie’s out to prove he’s the bluntest and most straightforward candidate running for president. So it was only natural that the first major endorsement of his bid for the Republican nomination came from the only governor with a brasher and more plainspoken reputation: Maine’s Paul LePage.

At a last-minute event organized by Christie’s camp during a weeklong swing through of New Hampshire, LePage became the nation’s first sitting Republican governor to endorse a candidate for president.
LePage really is Christier than Christie:
Infamously, one of the first things he did upon taking office in 2011 was order the removal of a pro-worker mural from the state’s Department of Labor. He said the painting suggested the government had an anti-business bias.

... here’s how LePage tends to talk about his opponents -- who are, in many cases, members of the general public: They’re idiots, liars and spoiled little brats; they’re corrupt, spineless and like the Nazis. He’s attacked Democrats in the state Senate with homophobia; and he’s joked about having his critics shot.

... the governor has responded to his 2014 reelection by trying to ram through an elimination of the state’s income tax; and now that LePage promised to veto any bill that comes his way -- be its author Republican or Democrat -- until Democrats allow a referendum to that end....
And now he's being threatened with impeachment for a Christie-esque act:
But the governmental dysfunction has become a sideshow to an even bigger controversy over Mr. LePage’s actions regarding a charter school for at-risk youths [known as Good Will-Hinckley]. The school had hired Mark Eves, the Democratic speaker of the House and a LePage foe, as its next president, starting Wednesday. Mr. LePage said Mr. Eves was unfit to lead the school, and threatened to withhold more than $500,000 in annual state money unless the hiring was rescinded; the school, a nonprofit fearing the loss could threaten private matching funds and lead to its closing, did so.

Mr. Eves accused the governor of blackmailing the school and threatened to sue him.

The governor’s actions have infuriated many who say he overstepped his executive authority; a group of Democrats and independents in the Legislature is researching how and whether to impeach him. Democratic leaders are taking a cautious approach, but have said nothing is off the table.
It's a Christie-esque act that Christie has specifically endorsed:
Christie also defended LePage’s threat to withhold funding from Good Will-Hinckley if the school hired Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves. Christie said the governor “made a difficult decision he needed to make to benefit the kids.”
Christie won the love of a lot of right-wingers by being an obnoxious Republican loudmouth who insisted that everyone who disagreed with him was an imbecile with malign intent. But Christie lost his mojo when -- mere days after he accused President Obama of "clutching for the light switch of leadership" -- he embraced the president in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. (Jon Stewart:"I guess he found that f**king lightswitch, huh?") Then there was Bridgegate, and Christie's statements of contrition after it was revealed (he might have been forced from office, but I still believe if he'd responded with his usual nastiness he'd have a higher approval rating among Republicans right now).

That's Christie. But LePage? I'm not following the Maine news day to day, but as far as I can tell, he's never expressed contrition about anything.

Which is why I think he should be running for the GOP presidential nomination.

You say he could be impeached? That would boost his candidacy! Why is Scott Walker leading in so many polls? In part because he was forced into a recall election. Donald Trump is soaring in the polls in part because Univision went after him. (I assume the severing of ties to Trump by NBC and now Macy's will give him even more of a boost.)

So dump that loser Christie. Run, LePage, run! Be the unchecked id the GOP voter base really wants!

(Christie's endorsement of LePage threat via myopinion on Twitter.)


Luigi said...

Really, though, the people of Maine must have something wrong with them to elect this world class jerk twicw. George Bush Stockholm Syndrome?

Victor said...

There’s not a dime’s worth of difference in their GOP Presidential candidates. They’re FOR the same things, and AGAINST the same things.

But stupid, ignorant, bigoted, evil, and crazy, aren’t enough for the base anymore.

Like junkies, they want more!

Someone will bite the head off of a chicken on stage, and take the lead.

Then, someone will bite the head off of a rat on stage, and take the lead.

The first one to bite the head off of a minority child during a debate, will then take the lead for good!

LePage might just be that candidate!!!

petrilli said...

"Stupid, ignorant and bigoted is no way to go through life, son"

Roger said...

Christie/LePage 2016: Two Tons of Fun in a One Ton Sack.