Thursday, July 09, 2015


The Confederate battle flag is coming down tomorrow on the South Carolina capitol grounds, but it still has a friend in the Nevada legislature:
A Republican Nevada assemblywoman defended the Confederate flag on Wednesday, saying it's a piece of American history and should remain in place at the South Carolina statehouse in spite of efforts to remove it.

Las Vegas lawmaker Michele Fiore made the comments in a campaign email....

Fiore said she doesn't view the flag as a racist symbol, and compared a ban on the flag to avoiding discussion about concentration camps and genocide.
Yes, discussions of history are necessary -- but you'll notice there isn't a Nazi flag flying right now from the top of the Reichstag dome.

A version of Fiore's message appears on her campaign website. She writes:
In my opinion, the flag is trivial item that represents a part of our history, but it’s just that, OUR HISTORY! You can’t pick and choose which parts of our history you want to remember because without all of it, the good and the bad, we would not live in the USA we know today. Can you imagine the uproar it would cause if they banned our American flag because despicable groups, like the KKK, marched with it?
Er ... right. That's a really precise analogy.

And she makes a promise:
Warner Brothers has stopped production of all merchandise bearing the Confederate flag, including replicas of the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. The show has also been pulled from TV, after running for 36 years because the Confederate flag is painted on the General Lee....

Next week I’m going to find the General’s Lee’s horn and have it installed in my truck. Click here to listen to the horn.
If Fiore's names seems familiar to you, it may be because she's spent a fair amount of time hanging out at Cliven Bundy's ranch. During the armed standoff there she told MSNBC's Chris Hayes: "Don't come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back."

But wait -- there's more:
Nevada Lawmaker Says Cancer Is A Fungus, Recommends Simply Washing It Out

Fiore, who is also CEO of a healthcare company, told listeners to her weekly radio show ... that she will soon introduce a “terminally ill bill,” to allow more non-FDA-approved treatments for those diagnosed as having terminal illnesses.

As first reported by Jon Ralston, Fiore told listeners: “If you have cancer, which I believe is a fungus, and we can put a pic line into your body and we’re flushing, let’s say, salt water, sodium cardonate [sic], through that line, and flushing out the fungus... These are some procedures that are not FDA-approved in America that are very inexpensive, cost-effective.”
This, of course, is pure quackery.

Weeks after being removed from her position as Republican Majority Leader over allegations of more than $1 million in tax liens, Fiore made news ... for her assertion that “young, hot little girls on campus” need to be armed with guns to prevent themselves from being raped....
I sometimes wonder if America is ready for democracy.


(Corrected -- state originally misidentified as Arizona, because I'm an idiot who can't read.)


Linkmeister said...

I don't doubt Arizona has fans of that flag, but this case is a Nevada one. Your headline and first paragraph mischaracterize this loony as an Arizonan.

Steve M. said...

That's embarrassing -- fixed now.

Professor Chaos said...

Yes, the Confederate flag is a part if our history. So put it in a museum. With a placard explaining what it stood for: racism and treason. We don't fly flags commemorating shameful parts of our history.

Professor Chaos said...

Correction: we do. We just shouldn't.

Marcus said...

Not surprise he is winning them over
I’m not too much into party affiliations…I just know that in order for a system to prosper there needs to be redistribution from top to bottom…the rest is just fine tuning.
Trump is exploiting this weakness…if he can make a deal with Adelson on Israel and make a deal with some wall street bankers related to the government pensions and if they accept…he will be hard to beat given the journalistic structure in the US…His goal will be to pivot to the center with his economic message leaving his nativism message in the background…let’s see if he has the discipline not to over expose himself on petty battles.
Again JEB Bush is a terrible candidate..frekin walking zombie the media will have to help him
I was wrong …his brother was the much better politician even though he was incompetent as the administrator (president)

BKT said...

Some places are definitely not ready for democracy. From Wikipedia:

"2014 Michele Fiore, now an incumbent, faced her first re-election challenge from Democrat Jeff Hinton -a former US Marine and current School Teacher. Fiore won by nearly 25 percentage points."

That is just depressing.